Hanging bookshelves ideas, and effective solutions

When domestic space is limited, the ideal solutions are bookcases to hang on the wall. In this post, you will find some ideas for choosing them.

I would never give up putting a bookcase in my house, even if I lived in a 40 sqm studio apartment. Reading a lot is a passion that I have cultivated from an early age, so over the years, I have collected a lot of books. Even now, with the spread of ebooks to be read on phones and Ipads have reduced the use of printed paper, I can’t resist in front of a shelf that sells books.

The smell of the printed paper is magic, and soon the purchase is done.

Fortunately, in the living area, I have a decent sized bookcase wall, but those who don’t have space should not despair. There are several solutions to be able to include a design bookcase in the home furnishings.


An empty wall at the entrance, an unused corner in the living room, even behind the headboard of the bed, I’m sure that if you analyze the unused space in your home, you will find a corner where to place a small bookcase.

The best solutions are undoubtedly the bookcases to hang on the wall. Contained, with innovative materials, or made with captivating shapes ( like these by liberiedesign.com, a shop specializing in these accessories for the living room ), they perfectly meet your book storage needs.

If you like to amaze even with the furniture choices, the decorative effect of these mental models is what you were looking for: a leaf, a tree, or themed writing. Choose the shape you prefer.

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If, on the other hand, you are more focused and temperamentally inclined towards geometric lines, these very simple grids and these shelves with racks are suitable for your style.


The advantage of this second group of proposals, compared to the previous one, is the possibility of creating compositions even of different sizes. By placing several modules side by side – both vertically and horizontally – I can adapt the bookcase to need, and therefore decide, even at a later time, to increase the capacity and space dedicated to books.

In both cases, the lightness of the use of metal, combined with the simplicity of the design, will make the bookcase fresh and youthful. A choice that will certainly not tire you over time.

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