11 tips for a good night’s sleep in hot weather

good night's sleep

Do you sleep poorly with heat? We have several solutions that will allow you to improve your rest during the sultry summer nights, benefiting the quality of your sleep and your mood.

Many people describe the summer period as their favorite season, the time to enjoy the best music festivals, drink ice cream in the sun, go to the beach, travel to remote places during the holidays, chat on the terraces with your friends or bathe in the pool. However, the reverse of all outdoor activities and long bright days is about worsening sleep quality.

In summer we sleep worse due to the increase in temperatures, the sultry weather and the night humidity, factors that cause us to go round and round in bed trying to fall asleep without success, feeling anguish or anxiety and exacerbating insomnia problems, something that they suffer especially more sensitive segments of the population such as pregnant women, the elderly or children. Sleeping poorly has dire consequences for your health, can cause you to gain weight and decrease your productivity.

To get you to sleep better in the heat, we have the help of experts in night wellness. Pay attention to wake up fresh, rested and full of energy.

11 keys to sleep better in summer, despite the heat

  • Adequate ventilation: You must guarantee ideal thermal comfort by keeping the room cool, since without adequate ventilation the atmosphere becomes dense, heavy and muggy. On very hot days we recommend having the windows closed and lowering the blinds to prevent heat from entering, ventilating the room only during the first hours of the morning and after sunset.
  • Choose breathable fabrics: It is important that sheets and bedding are made of linen or cotton, a lighter, breathable material that helps reduce moisture. As for the pajamas, use a thin and light one so that your skin breathes.
  • It advocates a fresh and comfortable bed: It is important that both the mattress and the bed are in good condition and, of course, clean and free of dust, in order to achieve a truly regenerating rest.
  • Healthy and light dinner: You should have dinner at least two hours before sleeping and disregard heavy and heavy foods such as meat, cheese or sauces. Among the best foods to sleep well, you can dine on a salad, as well as easy-to-digest foods such as cherries, oats and bananas, pasta or brown rice, nuts or herbal teas.
  • Constant hydration: It is not about bloating to drink water at night, but staying adequately hydrated throughout the day. The amount you should drink varies depending on the physical characteristics of the person, the environmental circumstances and physical activity, but it is important to do it regularly and around the liter and a half daily. To prevent thirst from disturbing your sleep, you can leave a bottle of water near the bed.
  • Refreshing shower: If it is very hot, you can take a warm shower before sleeping, since it contributes to lowering body temperature, giving you a feeling of freshness and well-being, and also providing relaxing effects, very useful if you have insomnia or have muscle tension. The water will induce you to sleep and will help regulate your circadian rhythm.
  • Disconnect electrical devices: Say goodbye to the tablet charging, the computer on and the phones connected to the power. At night, and especially in hot weather, it is advisable to turn off all electrical appliances and disconnect them from the network. The reason is that these devices, as well as the bed PC, generate additional heat even when they are already charged.
  • Goodbye to technology: If you want to sleep well it is better to do a relaxing activity before falling asleep, such as reading a book, practicing yoga, meditating or listening to music, rejecting technological devices since the lights on their screens destabilize you and alter your rhythms circadians.
  • Use the air conditioning in a responsible way (and do not sleep with it on): You should not fall asleep with the air conditioning since, in addition to causing health problems, it has a very negative effect on climate change. You should use it before bed to create a cool environment and turn it off just as we go to bed. The difference between the outside and inside temperature should never exceed 5°C.
  • Use the fan properly: Having a good fan is definitely the best option to fight the heat of the night. It is recommended to put it in a corner and point it upwards, so that the cold air does not reach the body directly. This way, the room will be cool but you won’t catch a cold.
  • Use repellents to protect yourself from mosquitoes: Insects proliferate in summer, so you should equip yourself with a good mosquito net, placing it on the windows or in bed. You can also spray it with natural repellent and flavor the room with a few drops of lemon and eucalyptus essential oil.

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