Can you freeze mushrooms

Mushrooms have always been a great source of debate in the food sector. In fact, if not consumed carefully they can be potentially dangerous, especially if collected independently. In the world, there are many different types of mushrooms, among the most popular are the champignons, the porcini, the Chiodini, the portobello and so on, they are all found in the supermarket, both fresh and frozen, or in fruit and vegetable shops.

Mushrooms are low in calories (25 calories per 100 grams of product), have very little fat but contain a lot of water, qualitatively speaking very good proteins and also a good content of fiber and potassium.

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Tasty, easy to prepare, and healthy: what are the properties of mushrooms

In mushrooms, we also find many important vitamins, such as vitamin B12 and vitamin A that we hardly find in other foods of plant origin. Another feature of mushrooms is to help our immune system since they have antibacterial powers. For all these reasons and for many others, mushrooms are very popular all over the world and are consumed in large quantities even in our country. In this article, we will therefore see what is the best way to freeze them without incurring any risk to our health.

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Freezing mushrooms is possible: how to do it safely

Mushrooms can be preserved in many different ways, they can be dried, put in oil, pickled or frozen. Freezing mushrooms is a very simple and safe method of storage, just wash them thoroughly and remove the soil, put them in airtight containers or bags, and cook them while they are still frozen so as not to lose any of their precious nutrients.

To keep the mushrooms frozen in the best way, you need to make sure that the temperature in our freezer is never higher than -18 degrees. Mushrooms can be frozen both for a long time (if you buy frozen you have to pay attention to the expiration date) but also for quite short times, the important thing is that these are consistent and of good quality since the mushrooms are considered “fleshy” like porcini mushrooms can easily withstand very low temperatures.

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When you decide to freeze fresh mushrooms, it is of fundamental importance to indicate the date of freezing of the product on the bag or container (they can be kept in the freezer for a few months). For a better freezing result, it is advisable, after having cleaned the mushrooms from their soil, to briefly blanch them for a few minutes in boiling water (it serves to neutralize some enzymes present in the mushrooms), to dry them carefully, and cut them into small slices.

You can also freeze mushrooms whole but then it could be particularly difficult to cut them later. Freezing mushrooms is a very wise choice as once frozen they retain as much as 80 percent of their nutritional properties and also their flavor.

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