How to turn your teeth Snow White: Teeth whitening with activated charcoal?

Teeth whitening with activated charcoal

Bright and snow-white smile at all times was considered the main sign of beauty. However, most modern people try to avoid smiles because of the yellowness of their teeth. And not in vain: after all, yellow teeth combined with a smell from the mouth contribute to dislike for the person and unwillingness to continue to communicate with him.

In truth, even a very well-groomed and dressed in the latest fashion lady’s neglected and yellow teeth turn into a really odd, despite the appearance and angelic nature of Snow White. That’s why most successful people strive at any cost to achieve a dazzling white smile.

Activated charcoal advantages

It turns out that this dream is quite feasible and available to all of us, because this method does not require a lot of money, but only a little free time and a couple of packs of activated charcoal … The cost of this money is just a penny. In addition, you can purchase activated charcoal capsules without problems in every pharmacy and in every city or village.

It is proved that by this procedure the teeth actually acquire excellent purity, brightness and, of course, snow-whiteness.

Very miraculous properties of activated charcoal

Even in ancient times, the color of the teeth concerned both men and women. Even then it was noticed that charcoal bleaches the enamel of teeth and gives a smile brightness and whiteness. For this purpose, charcoal was ground in specially created mortars and brushed their teeth. However, for a very long time, this procedure was available exclusively to rich people. That is why white teeth were considered a sign of nobility and wealth.

We were much luckier because activated charcoal – a convenient and cheap tool – is manufactured in huge quantities. Therefore, such an easy way to whiten your teeth today can freely apply to anyone. In addition, often activated charcoal is constantly in every home medicine cabinet.

In addition to the wood base, activated charcoal contains many different organic substances, as well as coconut coal, fruit bones, and nut shells.

It is known to be very effective in treating various diseases. In particular, it has filtering and absorbing properties.

However, only its particles come into contact with the tooth enamel, they immediately enter into an interactive reaction, that is, they dissolve the yellowness on the teeth, carefully remove any contamination from the surface of the teeth – various dyes, tobacco, strong tea, wine, coffee, etc.

By the way, in addition to activated charcoal, similar properties have a bark of oak, which, in addition, strengthens the gums.

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