Preservation Of Beautiful Olive Oil: Recipe Preparation

Preservation Of Beautiful Olive Oil: Recipe Preparation

The beautiful is in season and it is time to make preserves. Yesterday I bought it and I was lucky that it was a nice “medium” of 13 kilos and peak. The fishmongers have it on offer if you buy the bonito in whole. So cheer up for the nice, or pretty if you have a lot of time to prepare it.

Preservation Of Beautiful Olive Oil: Recipe PreparationINGREDIENTS:

-good fresh cut into slices (bought by whole and in the fishery you cut it to your taste)

-alive olive

You have to ask them to cut the slices more or less the thickness of the height of the jar (of 6 to 7 centimeters).

 First, I clear the slices and let them drain so that the remaining blood is gone.

Preservation Of Beautiful Olive Oil: Recipe PreparationPut the slices of tuna in a pot or large casserole to cover the water, so you do not have to turn it around so that it is cooked and handled less, that the nice stew tends to crumble. This time I had to make the baking slice to slice because it was a very big nice. Pour two or three tablespoons of salt and let it cook until it is white on the inside. The cooking time is between three quarters of an hour and an hour. If something is left undone, it does not matter because when you put it to the water bath, you will finish cooking.

Preservation Of Beautiful Olive Oil: Recipe PreparationWhen it cools, it cleans well of scales, skins, tendons and veins. There are a few white and precious lomitos.

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Then it is broken into pieces and put into the boats. Like all preserves, wash glass jars and lids well. Cut it with a knife respecting the height of the boats that the betas of meat are better. Let the tacos be thick, then when you open it and cut more if you want. You have to fill the boats without squeezing too much the bonito, so then we can get better. I just refilled the boats with extra virgin olive oil and added a pinch of salt to each boat at the end. The salt goes to the taste of each one. We closed the boats well. A cotton cloth is placed on the bottom of the pot, the cans are placed as close together as possible and filled with water up to two cm below the lid and the pot is closed. The ground boil in the pressure cooker for 25 minutes, But it can be made in any pot and boiled for an hour or an hour and a half. Then we can take out the boats carefully to not burn and leave them in a dry cloth on the marble to cool down and be able to verify that the vacuum has been made.Preservation Of Beautiful Olive Oil: Recipe Preparation

Once cold we found that all the covers have sunk a little and that indicates that we have closed well.

Then, we can decorate them as we like and earn much in the presence.

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