Quit Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes

Quit Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic cigarette has become popular in recent years as an alternative to conventional tobacco. Many legends and myths have spread about these devices, however, they are often far removed from reality. And it is that people who resort to this alternative to quit smoking, or because they believe that it is a healthier option, will not find what they are looking for.

Its operation starts from the use of heat to convert a liquid solution, which contains nicotine, into steam. You can also find electronic cigarettes without nicotine; however, most smokers decide to purchase nicotine devices, as they use it as a substitute for cigarettes with conventional tobacco.Quit Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes: Not an Alternative to Tobacco

 We recommend quitting smoking without the need to resort to this type of device, basically because there is no evidence to indicate its usefulness in this regard. Nor are they less harmful (and much less innocuous). It is true that this is a controversial subject and that in some countries such as the United Kingdom, health authorities have come to consider its usefulness and its less detrimental effect than conventional tobacco.Quit Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes

In any case, until there is solid evidence on electronic cigarettes, smoking cessation can be assisted by a health professional or with different strategies. On the other hand, in a context of a decline in widespread tobacco consumption, the commercialization of electronic cigarettes has created a new danger for young people and nonsmokers to access nicotinic habit. And yes, some have managed to quit smoking, but continue to smoke (or “Vaporing “).Quit Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes

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If we substitute the conventional cigarette electronically, the psychological dependence on the cigarette will be solved, but our addiction will also remain there. The benefits of smoking cessation will be almost nothing.Quit Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes

We recommends physical exercise , mentalization and motivation taking into account the health benefits of quitting (see the article ‘ Stop smoking ‘). Electronic tobacco should not be included within the healthy alternatives to tobacco as we have been wanted to see. We will keep an eye out for any news regarding this issue.

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