The health benefits of rocking chairs

You probably think of an elderly person in a care home or living room rocking a chair with a blanket covering their knees. This is how rocking chairs are stereotyped, but do you know their benefits for all ages? We take a new look at the iconic rocking chair.

Brief History

Early rocking chairs were made in 1710. They had a very simple design, with two ice skates attached at the bottom. It wasn’t until 75 years later that their popularity exploded.

The first rockers were designed for two people to sit in. Soon, people began to see the benefits that rocking provided and soon they could be found in hospitals and other health care facilities.

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Health benefits

In addition to looking stylish, rocking chairs have many health benefits. Some of these benefits are obvious while others may be a bit more surprising.

Relaxation: the motion of rocking is relaxing. The motion releases endorphins in the brain which helps to improve mood, reduce stress and ease pain. In America, some airports have installed rocking chairs in order to help travellers relax and get away from the stress of travelling.

Rocking chairs can help ease back and arthritis pain. The motion of rocking helps increase blood circulation around the body. This increases oxygen in the joints, easing pain from arthritis. Rocking the chair gently helps build flexibility and strength in the knees. It is said that the motion also stops pain signals from the back from reaching the brain.

Rocking a Baby

We have known for a long while that rocking a baby can be soothing. A rocking chair is a great way to calm a baby down and help them sleep. Rocking also promotes parent-child bonds and some studies suggest that rocking is linked to improved cognitive, emotional, and motor development. It is believed that rocking can also help women heal more quickly after a Caesarean. Why not kit out a nursery with one and create your own baby blankets? For Crochet Blanket Kits, visit Wool Couture, suppliers of Crochet Blanket Kits.

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Promoting better sleep

Researchers have found that these chairs can also be used to promote sleep in adults. The hammocks used in the study had a motion similar to that of a rocking-chair. This led to deeper sleep for the participants.

Weight control

Are you worried about a sedentary lifestyle? Rocking chairs can burn up to 150 calories per hour. This is a great option for people who are housebound and cannot exercise regularly. This is better than a regular chair, and it increases blood circulation around the body.

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