The Preysler follows the Coherent Diet

The Preysler follows the Coherent Diet

Surely you have all read or seen the interview that Isabel Preysler gave to the Hormiguero. So we have made an analysis of the keys that contributed and we have reached the conclusion that the Preysler follows the Coherent Diet according to the recommendations that we offer you for more than 10 years.

Here we list the “beauty secrets” that Isabel confessed to Pablo Motos, with a traffic light color code depending on whether we are more or less in favor.

The Preysler follows the Coherent DietWater with lemon: Isabel every morning, take when getting up (fasting) a cup of warm water with lemon. He says it helps him to cleanse and cleanse his body. What have you done for a long time??? As you know, diluted lemon juice generates a cit-rate buffer (lemon citric acid), which regulates the body’s pH and slows demineralization, responsible for lack of energy, low vitality of hair and nails, tendency to decay, osteoporosis and anemia. But do not miss the lemon, because very concentrated, it generates more acidity. The dose we recommend is 2-3 drops of juice per glass.

Fruit between hours: Isabel takes the fruit in the mid-morning snacks or snack, because she has noticed that the fruit fasts that she had years ago raised her headache. The dessert fruit ferments very easily, favoring belly swelling and gas, therefore, try to take it at breakfast or in your snacks, always associated with a slice of lean meat and a couple of nuts. To regulate your hormones and keep your appetite at bay.

Lentils three times a week: You know that we are fans of vegetables and spoon dishes, it was time to recover a bit the “glamor” put in the mouth of a “famous.” For their nutritional quality and price they are a must of the coherent Diet. Inclúyelas at least three times each week, are ideal to heat if you eat tupper in the office and also in summer. Check this post with legume recipes in salad to enjoy all year.

Chocolate is your weakness. He says it’s one of his vices. Each night, take an ounce of dark chocolate with purity higher than 70%. As you know, cocoa is very antioxidant and if you take it pure you avoid the saturated fat from the milk butter.

The Preysler follows the Coherent DietThe prohibited sugar: Although it is considered sweet, it never uses white or refined sugar. He resorts tosteviaor agave. We prefer the option of stevia or sucralose, because they are less caloric, although the agave has the peculiarity that it is not cariogenic. Although as we always tell you, you should try to get rid of the sweet, your palate is educated, so if you manage to reduce the amount of sweetener or sugar that you add to your desserts or coffee, you will have a battle won towards the future and, your health and your they will thank you.

Refrescos “vade retro” : Isabel has not been drinking sodas or drinks with gas for years. He has replaced them with natural juices, a natural source of vitamins.

In Coherent Diet we are more in favor of smoothies or smoothies , because the juice or liquefied does not preserve the fiber of fruits and vegetables, so it increases more the level of insulin in blood, favoring the storage of body fat and a greater appetite.

Do like Isabel Preysler and take care of a healthy and balanced diet.

Its star combination contains 4-5 flowers of broccoli, half zucchini, 1/2 green pepper, cucumber, 1/4 kale, a handful of spinach and 1/4 liter of lime juice and half a green apple to improve the flavor. Do you dare to do it in a glass blender or in the Thermomix? Remember to always include some protein and fat in your breakfast or snack so that the smoothie is consistent and balanced. You can add nuts to Isabel’s recipe and take a couple of slices of Iberian ham and voila!! If you want to see more recipes consult our post of Smoothies.

The Preysler follows the Coherent DietAs you can see, the Preysler follows the Coherent diet, which is available to everyone. Taking into account that genetics has a leading role, and that takes great care, there is no doubt that their nutritional habits also favor their great figure and face.

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If you want to lose weight with a healthy and balanced diet that keeps you toned and young you should make the Diet Coherent , since it is not only the best diet online to lose weight , it is a lifestyle that your body will appreciate.

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