Tricks To Activate Your Defenses

13 Tricks To Activate Your Defenses

As a continuation of the post 13 Tricks to Activate your Defenses , we propose 6 more tips that will help you recover and activate your defenses. If at any time of the year it is important to take care of yourself, when it is even colder, since our body is more vulnerable to cooling and viruses are more active. Reinforcing your defenses is in your hands, with a healthy diet that guarantees the presence of these trace elements and consistent living habits. You will see how winter will not bother you!!!

The iron is involved in the formation of cells, oxygen transport, energy creation and the immune system. We find it in the form of heme of greater absorption (liver, red meat, blood sausage, fish and seafood) and in non-heme form (legumes, nuts) that requires vitamin C or acid medium to be absorbed. Fiber and coffee or wine tannins reduce their absorption. If you have low iron levels you will probably feel tired and you will be more prone to colds, flu and infections. Due to its antioxidant nature, it keeps you young and reduces the chance of injury and recovery time after exertion.

13 Tricks To Activate Your DefensesThe Selenium participates in the structure of several antioxidant enzymes; it helps to burn deposits fat and activates the thyroid gland. It helps the formation of white blood cells; its deficit decreases the bactericidal activity and the response of the antibodies. Its content in food, depends on the quality of the soil, its main sources are Brazil nuts, seafood, sea ​​fish, meats and viscera

The Copper is part of enzymes involved in the formation of connective tissue proteins (collagen), protecting the free radicals and enhance iron transport. The skin and mucous membranes are the first barrier of defenses, so copper reduces the incidence of infections. Increases consumption of shellfish, liver, meats, poultry, nuts and legumes.

13 Tricks To Activate Your DefensesSleep well, rest at night is better than during the day as this facilitates the physiological processes of cellular regeneration. A proper rest of at least 7 or 8 hours ofrestful sleep will restore your energy, you feel vital and your defenses will be more active.

Try to live with joy, take the good part of life, live with optimism and gratitude. You will remove depression and pessimism that have negative effects on the mind, affect your health and your athletic performance.

13 Tricks To Activate Your DefensesEye with stress, in small amounts is positive because it allows for greater effort and concentration, but chronically reduces vitality, energy, tolerance to effort and grows old. Practice relaxation techniquesor yoga to release tensions from day to day and your body will function as a clock!!.

13 Tricks To Activate Your DefensesYou can consult any question to our Online Nutritionist, whether you are on a diet on your own, or if you are following any of our Online Diets to improve your sports performance, lose weight or to adjust your diet to any pathology.

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