4 tips to redecorate open spaces

redecorate open spaces

Even before starting to furnish a space, it is possible to identify some individual characteristic that differentiates that place. This is the case, for example, with the spaciousness of the open decoration that significantly links the kitchen and living room, establishing a relationship of continuity between these common coexistence rooms. After that first moment in which you shaped this creative purpose, you will live other moments in which your main objective is to redecorate this set to achieve a new objective. How to redecorate open spaces? Here we share some ideas.

1. Lamps and lighting products

One of the strengths of a space with these characteristics is the feeling of spaciousness it provides and the use of natural light that reaches from one point to another without finding the limit of a wall that prevents its passage. Lighting products complement this source of natural light. Therefore, when rethinking the decoration of this place you can put the point of attention in this specific section.

Symmetrical lighting is frequent, for example, on the kitchen island. But you can also choose a new table lamp for the living room. These are just a few ideas. Reinterpret this suggestion noting what the needs of this place are that are so important to you.

The most important thing is that you enjoy this creative process, not only of the final result, but also of the own experience of moving towards that goal that you visualize in the present.

2. Define the objective that motivates this change

Given the desire to redecorate a room, a specific need arises that should be taken into account. This need offers an answer in a new present time. And what is the purpose of this process? Determine what your answer is and design the action plan to achieve this expectation that you are going to transfer to this plan of an open decoration space in an approximate period of time.

Reflect not only on the decorative goal, but also on what it means to you right now.

3. Differentiate each space

In the open decoration style there is a constant balance between the whole of this environment seen as a whole and each individual area that is dedicated to a specific objective. Therefore, in this redecoration of the space some factors will change, but it is advisable to continue maintaining this balance between the whole and each of the parts.

This differentiation of zones can also help you contextualize in a more concrete way the objective of redecorating a place that is part of this whole. For example, the environment next to the dining room table. In this way, you limit the scope of action to the chosen surface.

By viewing the open space it is possible to identify each individual area within the main set.

4. Do not saturate an open space with multiple elements

One of the advantages of an open space is that it enhances creativity in decorating a place that grows in breadth thanks to this perspective. It is necessary to occupy the space looking for the balance between the practical vision that brings the usefulness of a product, and the aesthetics of a concrete design. But one of the possible errors is to recharge the place or, on the contrary, to leave it too empty.

Find this balance to achieve a warm, comfortable and emotional environment that keeps an order with your own inner well-being. Open spaces, by their very essence, reinforce spaciousness. But this amplitude is not infinite, but the limits of the house define what is possible. Do not saturate an open space with multiple elements, this allows you to choose each detail more carefully.

What other proposals to redecorate open spaces do you want to add?

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