All Landlords Must Ensure that They Have An Electrical Safety Certificate

If you own a property and you want to rent it out, then firstly you need to be aware of the legal responsibilities that you have as a landlord. Whether you own one property that you rent out or you have multiple properties, you are still a landlord and you need to ensure that you are compliant with the law.

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Electrical safety is one of the things that a landlord needs to be aware of. Before the property can be lived in by a tenant, the landlord needs to get an electrical safety certificate. This is a document that proves the property has been checked and that the electrics in the property are considered to be safe.

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An electrical safety certificate needs to be issued by a qualified electrician, so get in touch with someone like this electrician Gloucester based company to get a professional to come and check the property so that a certificate can be issued.

If the electrician finds that there are any potential dangers or faults with the electricity in the property, then they will let you know and you will then need to get it repaired before renting the property out to anyone.

Once the electrical safety inspection has been done, the landlord is required to ensure that an inspection is done at a minimum of every five years. Doing this means that potential dangers can be picked up before they become a risk.

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