Four Reasons to Put your House on the Market Before Christmas

If you are planning on heading to a local estate agent like this estate agents Gloucester based company to put your house on the market, you might be wondering if you should put it off until the new year.

Although the market is traditionally slower at this time of the year, here are four reasons why you might want to go ahead and put it on the market before Christmas…

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More time to Browse – People tend to have more time off during the festive season and this means that they will have more time to browse for properties online. Even on Christmas day and Boxing day people may be making the most of the time off to look for properties so it could be good to have yours on there!

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Faster Moving – Although there are not many people that actively want to move in December, the people that will be looking will likely be more committed to it and also more likely to move quickly. If you want a quicker sale, putting your property on in December could be the best way to do it.

Less Competition – Because there tend to be fewer properties on the market in December this means that there is less competition. So people who are looking to buy a property quickly are less likely to overlook yours in favour of another.

Festive Photographs – There is nothing like some Christmas decorations to help make your home look cosy and inviting. From a marketing perspective Christmas is a great time to sell your house, as you can add some festive décor to entice viewers.

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