How do you Deal with a Flood in the Bathroom?

Opening the door to your bathroom and discovering that its flooded is one of those household disasters that you need to get sorted out straight away. Whether you left on the bath tap or you have no idea how the flood happened, the first course of action is to get it all sorted out.

If you know the cause of the flood, then you can stop it, for example the taps left running or an overflowing bath. If you are not sure it is best to turn off the water for now. The tap that will stop it is mostly found underneath the kitchen sink.

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Once you have done this you can make sure that you have stopped any more water from flowing into the bathroom! You should also turn off the electricity in your lights and sockets as water may have got into the electrics and you could run the risk of being electrocuted or the risk of fire if the electricity is still on.

Once you have done this you will need to remove the water from the floor. If there is a lot, then you will most likely need to get as many towels as you can to try to soak it all up. Open windows and doors and make sure that you have got rid of the water from everywhere, underneath furniture and inside cupboards too. Once you have done this you can then try to save anything that may have been damaged by the flooding.

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When you are confident that you have cleaned up the flood water and that there is no immediate danger you can then work out where the flood may be coming from if you were not sure already. If you do know, there may be damages that you need to have repaired so it is wise to call in a professional who will be able to do this for you.

You may want to get a professional in to find out where the flood is coming from and repair it if it is not immediately obvious such as a tap left on or a leaky toilet. There are many reasons why a bathroom can flood, and it is certainly better to get someone in who knows what they are doing to prevent it from happening again.

It may be that you have issues with drainage – you can get drain lining surveys through Wilkinson Environmental that will be able to find this out for you and rectify it. You may also have problems with the plumbing or pipes in the bathroom and may need to get some parts replaced. Whatever the problem is it is important to act quickly as this will prevent it from happening again and reduce the risk of any serious or long term damage – don’t be tempted to do a quick fix when it comes to flood risks.

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