How to choose the right winter bedding

As the days grow colder and the nights grow longer, many of us long for a cosy bed to get into. Winter bedding plays an important role in ensuring you stay warm and snug throughout the chilly months.

A warm duvet

In 2022, the global duvet market was worth a staggering US$2.3bn (£1.8bn). You can never go wrong when investing in a good-quality winter duvet. Choose a duvet with a tog rating of 13.5 or higher to effectively trap heat and keep you warm throughout the night.

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Blankets and fleeces

Blankets and fleeces add an extra layer of warmth and comfort to your bedding. Choose a variety of textures and weights to suit your preferences. A lightweight fleece blanket can be used on warmer winter nights, whereas a heavier wool blanket provides extra warmth during colder spells.


Layers are a great way to add extra warmth. Multiple layers mean you can add or take them away, depending on your preference. Experiment with different combinations until you find the balance that suits your needs.

Finishing touches

Don’t overlook the finishing touches that enhance your sleep. Invest in a high-quality pillow to provide support for your head and neck. Choose soft and breathable sheets and duvet covers that feel comfortable. Cosy pyjamas can add an extra layer of warmth on cold nights.

It can sometimes still be impossible to get a good night’s sleep. If this happens, perhaps it is time to upgrade your bed? Some companies offer pay weekly beds, making it easier to afford a brand new bed should you require one. As the name suggests, pay weekly beds allow customers to spread the cost.

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Embrace the cosiness of the winter months by choosing bedding that adds warmth and comfort.

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