How To Clean The Pillows At Home

How To Clean The Pillows At Home

You can create coziness and comfort in the room with the help of small details. The most affordable and common accessories, providing a relaxing atmosphere and proper rest, include pillows. Manufacturers are widely represented on only the model (shape, size, color) of this indispensable addition, but also a variety of filling options. Due to the fact that pillows are used daily in everyday life, they tend to accumulate both outside and inside pollution. To prevent the pillow from becoming an object of danger for you and your loved ones, it is necessary to carry out the procedure for cleaning it 1-2 times a year. Using the tips and advice of professionals and experienced hostesses offered in this article, you can easily cope with clean the pillows at home.

How To Clean The Pillows At Home

Causes of pollution and possible hazardous effects.

In the process of using pillows, they absorb not only the natural secretions of a person (sweat, greasy), but also particles of dust and various microorganisms. At first, accumulating not on the surface, and then penetrating inside, the pollution creates a favorable environment for the appearance and reproduction of ticks.

Feather and dust mites are almost invisible to the naked eye but may contribute to the appearance of allergic reactions, such as:

  • itching;
  • tearing and pain in the eyes;
  • sneezing;
  • nasal congestion with no cold symptoms.

With frequent use, pillows can not only lose their shape and softness but also start to smell unpleasantly with mustiness. To prevent the appearance of parasites and return the pillows to their original appearance, they should be regularly and properly cleaned.

How To Clean The Pillows At Home

The choice of cleaning methods depending on the filler

Before you start cleaning, you should find out the quality and origin of the filler: artificial or natural. The composition of the filler is indicated by the manufacturer on the labels. The recommended methods of cleaning and caring for products are also indicated there. If there is no data, do not be in a hurry to get upset – in this case, you can clean the pillows not only in the dry-cleaner but also on your own at home.

Recommendations for clean the pillows with artificial fillers

As mentioned above, wash such pillows are required in accordance with the instructions. In the absence of additional recommendations from the manufacturer, you can use the following procedure:

  • Wash pillows with artificial filler in the machine in the “delicate wash”.
  • Use with this liquid detergent (gels, capsules).
  • To prevent the filler from gathering in the lump during washing, but to evenly stretch, put 2-3 tennis balls in the drum.
  • Install an additional or re-rinse.
  • Do not set the spin speed too high, it is best to use the “manual” mode or the “gentle” spin cycle.
  • Before drying, shake the pillows and place on a horizontal surface in a well-ventilated area. Do not hang wet products by the corners; otherwise, the dried pad will lose its shape.

How To Clean The Pillows At Home

Artificial fillers used in the manufacture of pillows (holofiber, sintepon, polyester), well tolerate the washing process and retain all the original properties.

Clean the pillows with natural fillers

To clean the feather or down pillow, the easiest way is to seek help from specialized dry cleaners. Specialists in such cases use the method of dry cleaning products, or otherwise called aero cleaning. Due to the strong airflow, the feather and down are straightened and fluffed, whereby dust and excess debris is released and removed. Simultaneously with fluffing under the influence of ultraviolet, feather mites and pathogenic bacteria are destroyed. As a result of this dry cleaning, the pillows become not only clean but also very soft.

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It is not always possible to clean the pillows in the dry cleaners. In such cases, it is possible to carry out all the procedures for removing pollution at home, without resorting to the expensive services of specialists.

How To Clean The Pillows At Home

Cleaning down and feather pillows at home

  • Before you start washing the filler, you should take care of a new pillow-case. You can buy it already ready in stores or sew yourself from thick cotton fabric.

Tip! It is best to wash the feather and down manually, otherwise, the technician may be damaged if the bags with the natural filling in the washing machine drum break. The filter and the pump of the machine will be clogged with a pen, to get rid of that without the help of a specialist in repair is almost impossible.

  • Pour warm (not hot!) Water into the bathroom or a wide basin, add 1-2 tablespoons of liquid ammonia and place fluff or feather out of the pillow for several hours. Make sure that the entire filler is covered with water, as well as the opportunity to freely stir it with your hand.

Important! Place the filler in water in small batches. If you decide to immediately turn the contents into a basin, the fluff will spread around the room and it will not be so easy to assemble it.

How To Clean The Pillows At Home

  • After the feather (down) is completely wet, and the excess dirt and dust particles settle, drain the dirty water.
  • Then dissolve the liquid detergent in clean, warm water and put the soaked pillow filler in the soap solution. Wash it well with your hands and then rinse it several times under running water. To facilitate the rinsing process, you can put the wet fluff and feather in the bags for washing clothes or pre-sewn bags of gauze.

Tip! To make it easier to rinse out the detergent from the natural filler, shift it with a colander (sieve) and place it under a stream of water.

  • After the complete rinsing of the detergent, it is necessary to thoroughly squeeze the wet filler and, leaving it in the bags, hang it over the bathtub for draining excess water.
  • After the water is drained, you can leave the filler in the bags until it is completely dry or spread it out with a thin layer on an equal surface and cover with a thin cloth so as not to scatter. To keep the fluff from sticking together, periodically turn it over and shake it.
  • Place the completely dried filler in a clean bedtick and sew up the edge.
  • Now your pillows are clean and safe!

How To Clean The Pillows At Home

Cushions and ways to clean them

Pillows on the sofas perform a decorative function, but this does not get dirty any less, or even more than the usual ones, designed for sleeping.

To get rid of dirt inside the filler, sofa cushions can be cleaned in any way described above. But, in addition to full-fledged washing, such decorative accessories should often be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, an iron with a steamer and an ordinary beater.

How To Clean The Pillows At Home

Try to regularly air the room and dry any pillows in the fresh air. During such procedures, soft products not only get rid of unpleasant odors and dust but also filled with freshness.

As you can see, clean the pillows is quite troublesome and time-consuming process. But only in this case, you can be sure that soft accessories will add convenience and comfort, and not bring unnecessary trouble.

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