How to eliminate dust from home? Tricks and natural remedies

eliminate dust from home

To eliminate dust from home, you have to clean the floors and every shelf practically every day. However, there are some tricks to remove it well and make it come back less quickly. Let’s see what they are.

The dust, the enemy of women and men who take care of the cleaning of their home. We are used to dusting and cleaning to get rid of it. Have you ever wondered what powder is made of? It is nothing but the mix of everything found in an environment. From food particles to human skin cells, right down to mite feces and mold.

You can guess that each environment has a different dust. Much depends on what is inside the house, people’s habits etc. It also comes in a lot from the windows or from the street, transported into the house thanks to shoes and clothes.

It is therefore a duty to remove dust from the house. Certain unsightly, but above all potential cause of respiratory problems and allergic reactions. In the long run it can also weaken the immune system. However, nobody likes dusting and takes a long time. However, there are tricks to make her come back less quickly and you just need to use some natural remedies!

10 natural remedies and practical tips

The dust builds up in your home and it is your task eliminate it. There are several natural remedies and some really useful practical tips that help you get back less quickly. Let’s see what they are.

1) Water and vinegar

It is one of the most powerful natural remedies when it comes to removing dust from the home. The mix of vinegar and water (in equal parts) not only helps you to remove it, but also to disinfect the surfaces and thus delay their appearance. You can use it to clean windows, floors, iron and kitchen shelves. But above all, you can use it for wooden shelves, very common in homes. As an alternative to chemicals, you can try placing equal parts of water and vinegar in a sprayer and start cleaning.

2) Baking soda and water

A good substitute for white wine vinegar is baking soda. Used both in the kitchen to disinfect food, and in everyday life to clean the house in a natural way. Removes dust, dirt and bacteria. Add it to the water and then pour it into a sprayer and use it on your surfaces equipped with a microfiber cloth. The latter attracts dust and helps you clean the environment thoroughly. You can then use baking soda to disinfect the fabrics you use for household chores!

3) Clean the radiators and stoves

This is where the dust lurks. You forget to clean them and so, it has a way to proliferate and accumulate until you turn them on and let all the dirt settle on your furniture and floors. Intervene with a pipe cleaner so as not to scatter the dust in the air. You can also use the vacuum cleaner with the appropriate air intakes.

4) Close any possible entry routes

The dust enters through microscopic cracks. Therefore, close all drafts so that pollen and dust cannot enter. Obviously the latter is formed in your own home, it is not by keeping everything closed that you prevent its appearance. However, you can at least reduce the quantities. Don’t forget, however, that opening the windows at least 1 hour a day is essential for the right exchange of air.

5) Beware of curtains and rugs

Curtains and rugs for many people are essential decorative elements. They also have their own usefulness. Unfortunately, however, they attract and retain a large amount of dust. For this reason, if you really cannot do without it, you must learn to treat them in the right way. The curtains must be washed periodically, avoiding the use of very thick ones. Vacuum the carpets often to remove all the dirt that settles on them.

6) Brushes, toothbrushes and kitchen tongs

To eliminate dust from home you can use many tools. In addition to the usual microfiber cloths useful for all surfaces, you can use canvas gloves to dust delicate surfaces such as candelabra. Brushes and toothbrushes, on the other hand, are useful for removing dust from the most stubborn corners, old socks for cleaning under furniture and kitchen tongs, surrounded by a soft cloth, to get rid of the accumulations of dust from the shutters.

7) Hot water

Soak a microfiber cloth in hot water and wring it out well. By doing this you can attract the dust and not move it. The surface remains clean longer. It is fine for almost any type of surface!

8) Vacuum cleaner and no broom

The broom can be used to quickly remove some dirt from the ground, such as when sugar falls on it. However, it is the vacuum cleaner that does the bulk of the work. Vacuum dirt and don’t move it. Furthermore, thanks to the special brushes and adapters, they allow you to get almost anywhere, even in the most difficult corners.

9) Clean in the right order

You cannot start dusting the bottom shelves and then move on to the top ones. Otherwise, you have to do the job twice. From the high shelves, the dust falls on the low ones. So start from the door frames, the frames and all the high shelves. Until finally reaching the floor.

10) Cuddly toys and duvets, always beat them

Duvets, quilts, blankets, children’s soft toys. Beat them at the window at least once a week to remove the dust that settles on it. Let the mattress take air and vacuum the sofa every week.

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