How To Remove The Smell Of Tobacco

How To Remove The Smell Of Tobacco

Removing the smell of tobacco from a room can be very complicated. In fact, in some cases, we will have no choice but to paint it whole and wash or even change curtains, covers of sofas and carpets.

 Remove The Smell Of Tobacco

The smoke, in addition to polluting the air and loading the environment, is embedded in lamps, walls, sofas and any decorative element of the room. So what works best is prevention. Ventilate the house during and after smoking, invite the smoker to do it in the window itself and even if possible outside the house, use ashtrays that are closed or with water to turn off the butts and always clean them after use, If we leave the ashes in them the smell will be more persistent.How To Remove The Smell Of Tobacco

Using aromatic candles instead of helping to remove the smell can even make it worse. If we choose the air fresheners and chemical spray, besides being very expensive, we are contributing to the destruction of the environment.

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A couple of simple, efficient and above all ecological tricks to eliminate the smell of tobacco that can have any of your rooms are:How To Remove The Smell Of Tobacco

Soak a sponge with cold water and put it in a bowl or plastic container. Place it in the affected rooms. In a few hours, the smell of tobacco will be gone.

Take a large pot, fill it with water and put it to heat, when it starts to boil add a third of white vinegar. Let it boil for about a quarter of an hour and place it in the affected room. Water vapor will flood the room and carry the smell of tobacco.How To Remove The Smell Of Tobacco

If in spite of all the smell persists, we will have no choice but to wash curtains, sofa sleeves, etc. The walls if they are painted with a washable product, it is advisable to pass them with a sponge soaked in warm water and soap.How To Remove The Smell Of Tobacco

If the room has air conditioning another option is to clean or change the filters of the ventilation system because in them is deposited much of the nicotine released by the cigar.

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