Ideas For Kitchen Room Design 2018

Ideas For Kitchen Room Design 2018

The kitchen room can be a place for a fun time of rest or for daily duties, for family meals or midday coffee. Whatever it is, this room must have a character.

Often happens so: the kitchen is ready, but something in it desperately does not suffice. Perhaps those very ideas for kitchen room, which we list below.


Among the trends in the design of the kitchen room, 2018 is particularly distinguished pearl gray color. Decorative stone in the finishes, table top, built-in kitchen panels, and textiles – gray is found everywhere.Ideas For Kitchen Room Design 2018

Numerous shades of turquoise are still relevant. To the color does not look very cold, balance it with burgundy or orange accents.

How to freshen up the kitchen room? Use inclusions of bright pure colors: yellow, red, blue. Vases, sugar bowls, wooden furniture are best for these purposes.

If we talk about contrasts, then the professionals advise combining white and black, gray and scarlet, dark brown and pistachio.

Ideas for kitchen room design

Convenience consists of small things – this is a well-known fact. It is not enough to buy an apartment with a large light kitchen, it is also necessary to settle so that every time you come here with joy. View ideas for the kitchen and photos, and, sooner or later, you will understand – “This is my”.

1. Open shelvesIdeas For Kitchen Room Design 2018

Indispensable for styles: rustic, shabby chic and all directions of the Mediterranean. And, although open shelves can create some inconvenience, they make the space cozier. And this type of furniture can easily be decorated with stucco, carvings or other accents.

2. The narrow “island”Ideas For Kitchen Room Design 2018

The central curbstone, which is now very popular, usually features cumbersome parameters. However, in an extended kitchen, it would be better to look narrow “island” with a width of 40-55 cm. And also such an island is great for visually separating the kitchen from the living room.

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3. Texture in all

One of the biggest trends in 2018 in the design of the kitchen is the texture. Rough surfaces, deep grooves of tiles, the artificial stone will find a place both in quiet light rooms and in the passage of modern interiors.

4. Geometry of partsIdeas For Kitchen Room Design 2018

At a time when the hands are itching to reverse the design of the kitchen, remember this advice. Sometimes, in order to achieve the gloss effect, it is enough just to replace the cranes and a couple of smaller parts. Chromed thin interior elements will refresh the room and do not require a lot of time.

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5. Hide the sockets

The fact is the first: in the kitchen, there should be rosettes not only of the refrigerator, plates and other helpers of the hostess but also for small electronics. The second fact: any of these outlets should be removed from the eyes – then the room will look neater. The usual drawer is suitable as a hiding place.

6. Vases in the interiorIdeas For Kitchen Room Design 2018

In defense of the pot with parsley in the kitchen, you can give a lot of arguments: the smell of fresh greens, Natur Produkt, catchy emerald accent. Instead of parsley, you can plant basil, another fragrant, unpretentious plant. The main thing is not to forget to water your green pets.

7. Decor from utensils

This idea came to us from small cafes whereas a shade can be used a grater, and instead of a door handle – a tablespoon. Lovers to introduce into the interior something unusual inspires and low price of consumables.

Do you like the idea of the kitchen room? Keep them yourself so you will not lose. And if there is, what to add – write in the comments.

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