Pampas Grass Decor : 8 Ways To Decorate it

pampas grass decor

If you too are intrigued by this floral solution different from the usual, we can tell you that the grass of the Pampas, as you may have imagined, is so-called because it is a plant that grows abundantly and spontaneously throughout Argentina.

You look at it well and it looks like a bunch of ears, you touch it and it is soft and warm. In short, it is perfect for decorating the home, especially when it is cold outside, regardless of the type of furniture you have chosen. Rustic, modern, classic, or ethnic, it doesn’t matter because this plant looks good everywhere!

In 2021 it exploded in all its beauty and immediately got noticed by interior designers from all over the world and there was also a moment when this plant seemed to have supplanted the charm and fashion of succulents. One year later, everyone loves her and everyone wants her. Then why is simple. For one thing, it is easy to manage, which makes it a particularly suitable solution for those who are not very experienced in gardening. And then, its furnishing potential is enormous, also because it is a plant available in different colors, from the most neutral such as cream and beige to the brightest such as pink and brown.

The grass of the Pampas can therefore also be used indoors, to warm the environment and to create beautiful very cozy atmospheres, perfect especially at this time of year. So today we see what are the many furnishing possibilities for indoor that this original and creative plant offers us.

1. The garland for Christmas

We’re almost there, Christmas is behind the doors, and what better way to embellish your home than with a wreath made with Pampas grass? If you like delicate white decorations and red just isn’t your thing, then this idea will be perfect.

You can purchase a ready-made wreath from a craft store, and use a hot glue gun, twine, or florist’s wire to attach pampas grass. Easy, fast, and super personalized!

2. A warm touch to the room

The bedroom is an intimate space and choosing how to furnish it makes the difference. If you are looking for something with a minimal look, warm the room by filling large pots with Pampas grass and placing them on either side of your bed, next to the nightstands, or at the foot of any other piece of furniture.

This plant will create a cozy and chic atmosphere and make the environment much more relaxing. In the morning, everything will seem even more bathed in sunlight: very spectacular!

3.… or for the living room

Or, you can choose to add a minimalist touch to the dining room table. Just take a few stalks of Pampas grass in a vase and place it on the table, but also on the coffee table.

The brown, gold, and orange varieties of Pampas grass are perfect for this autumn season and ideal for warming up any type of environment with a super quick decoration to make!

4. Alternative floral decorations

Dear black thumbs, if even taking care of a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers is a problem for you, try the Pampas grass mixed with dried flowers: just let your bouquet dry to create a floral arrangement that lasts in the weather. The flowers come in different fall colors and combine beautifully with the Pampas grass – seeing is believing!

5. In colored version

The grass of the Pampas is also available in a pink version, therefore perfect for the bedroom or even to furnish the office or creative space. You can also mix it up using more neutral shades to create a subtle effect, but with character!

6. Hanging decorations

This is a decoration for the most ambitious souls and for all people who are not afraid to dare. So what do you think about creating something truly amazing that hovers over the dining table or at the entrance like the one you see in the picture?

7. or for the living roompampas grass decor

Do you have a point in the house, or a furnishing solution, that seems particularly dull and not very lively? No sooner said than done! In this case, you can see how the Pampas grass was used to add a nice floral touch to the drinks trolley, but you can be inspired by this solution and then apply it to any piece of furniture, table, or accessory in the house.

Just cut a few stalks of Pampas grass, put them in a vase and that’s it: quick and easy! The result is very natural, simple but elegant at the same time!

8. DIY paintingspampas grass decor

Are you passionate about DIY and are you the type of dried flowers to put under glass to create beautiful personalized decorations? Then the Pampas grass is definitely for you!

Collect flowers of the colors you like best, dry them well and then mix them with the Pampas grass to create a composition that you will place on the glass and then frame it. The result is simple, delicate, and minimal enough to become the perfect decoration for any corner of the house.

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