Popular Shutter Designs and Choosing a Style

It can be difficult to choose from the numerous styles and options when shopping for shutters.

Panel shutters are made up of a frame that is surrounded by one or more movable panels or slats. To allow light and air inside, the slats can be opened or closed. They are the most widely used type of shutter on the planet. They can be created from composite materials, vinyl, or wood. Older homes tend to have more wood and vinyl shutters, while newer homes typically use composite shutters because of their durability.

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Panel shutters have been replaced more recently by shutters with louvres. To let in light, air, and privacy, they have horizontal or angled louvres that can be opened or closed. This kind of shutter is more adaptable and can be used with different types of windows. To match the style of your house, it can also be designed with decorative shapes like stars or hearts.

For homes with a rustic or cottage aesthetic, board and batten shutters are a popular choice. In addition to adding texture, the overlapping boards contrast with the nearby windows. They can be painted in a variety of hues to go with the exterior of the house as a whole. Homes in historic districts that demand period-appropriate window coverings frequently use board and batten shutters.

For bay windows, cafe-style shutters are a fantastic option. They are a lovely addition to any living area in the house and provide efficient light control. They are frequently used in conjunction with other window coverings and can be made of wood, vinyl, or composite materials. For Shutters Gloucester, visit laskeys.com/shutters/gloucester

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It’s important to think about whether you want your shutters to be purely decorative or functional. You can close functional shutters during strong winds and storms. They might also be a wise choice for older houses with less effective insulation.

It’s time to choose a colour once you’ve reduced the number of shutter types you can choose from. Almost any colour home can look great with white shutters, but beige or tan homes look especially lovely with them. White shutters are a timeless option. If they are coordinated with the colour of your front door and trim, darker hues like navy blue or deep forest green can also look fantastic on your house.

It’s always a good idea to take a walk around your neighbourhood before choosing the colours of your shutters to observe what other homeowners have done with their homes and shutters. Take your paint swatches outside to see how they look in natural light, keeping in mind that colours tend to look brighter and lighter in the sun.

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