Reasons to Plant a Tree in Your Garden

Having a tree in your garden has a range of benefits, both to you and to the planet as a whole. If you are thinking of getting a tree for your garden, there are so many types to choose from to suit all gardens, and you can plant a young tree or a more mature tree like these semi mature trees if you don’t want to wait for the tree to grow.

Here are some of the many benefits of having a tree in your garden…

It helps Wildlife – If you want to attract wildlife into your garden, a tree can really help with this. From food like nuts and berries that it produces that many birds will enjoy, to the home that a tree provides for creatures of all shapes and sizes. You can even enjoy the fruits yourself if you get an apple tree or a plum tree!

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Security and Privacy – A tree can help to make a garden more private and more secure. Certain trees and shrubs like blackthorn and holly are fantastic for keeping intruders away, and when planted around the edge of a garden their spikes will deter unwanted visitors. A larger tree will help to make a garden that is overlooked more private.

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Shelter from the Weather – Whether it is blowing a gale or the sun is just too hot, a tree can provide you and your garden shelter from the elements. From sitting in its shade on a hot day, to enjoying the protection that it offers from stormy weather, a tree is a great natural protector, and as the roots suck up water, it can also help to prevent flooding.

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