Sage green on the walls: 5 combinations for 2021

Sage green

Interiors immersed in nature with notes of serenity. Thus the sage green palette, with slightly aquatic and wild shades. Covers the walls of the house, matching the trendy nuances.

There is no doubt: in 2021 the trend in home colors celebrates the  “earth palette”. Nuances inspired by nature, capable of bringing freshness. And the relaxation of uncontaminated landscapes into the home. Among these, the sage green stands out, a soft shade but with character, which when applied to the walls transmits harmony and is easily combined with other shades very popular this year. We have divided them into 5 palettes, including combinations and color schemes.

Sage green and white

Simplicity is one of the main characteristics of sage green: this is why it goes well with white, whether it is optic or tending to cream. Its neutral counterpart enhances its freshness and natural pigments. Creating a clean and sophisticated color scheme.

If you choose a  more intense sage green scale for the walls. White will always manage to balance it, whether it is used to paint the remaining ceiling or for the furnishings. The result will have a decidedly minimalist charm without “cooling” the environment.

In fact, white and beige are colors that, when combined with others, are able to correct any defects. And harmonize the whole, emphasizing the more natural and luminous aspects of the space. Natural materials such as linen, rattan, and terracotta blend particularly well with this color scheme. It to be used as desired in all rooms of the house, as a Passepartout.

With the colors of the earth

Cappuccino, sand, rust, terracotta, and all types of wood:  these are the nuances and materials to be included in a  mood board dominated by sage green. Depending on the type of furniture, the effect will be more boho or more folk. This shade of green, in fact, lends itself well to being the backdrop for furnishings of different styles, from neo-classical to the urban jungle.

Precursor of a new “welcoming” minimalism, the scheme with the earth palette mixes terracotta. And sage green walls with leather and raw wood essences. Accessories in shades of apricot and sky blue complete the styling, perhaps with tufts of pampas on a sage green background.

But it is precisely in the most vintage and retro combinations that the palette best expresses its vocation: it creates refined atmospheres together with solid walnut, with cream lampshades and velvet sitting areas. And can become the soft base for combinations between contemporary and modern.

Sage green, blue and pink

With colors like pink and blue the scheme becomes more daring. But in reality, we see it revived in sophisticated and trendy local environments. It represents an original solution to renovate even just a part of the living room, to functionally and visually divide a space. And is an excellent overlap that brings energy to the living area while maintaining a frame of traditional materials.

Perhaps a little obvious but highly appreciated by interior decorators.  The sage green-powder pink couple in the bedroom is the contemporary answer to the most romantic combinations. A balanced match that mitigates the old cliche of an exclusively female palette.

Tone on toneSage green

Tone-on-tone and paired with desaturated sage green tones that approach the chromatic scale of grays. The degradation is indicated for the walls of every room, where he became a point of visual reminder to distribute the furniture.

The tone-on-tone trend, for many years now, incorporates even upholstered tables. And accessories into palettes: solid colors, visual continuity, walls that become shelves, bookcases, doors.

A color scheme also proposed in the kitchen for the wall units, coverings, and backsplashes, valid for decorating small rooms with the alternation of different shades of sage green, will give the whole breadth and depth.

Homogeneous and dynamic, unlike other darker shades of green, the sage used on the wall does not need a lot of light, even in poorly lit spaces it returns the suggestion of color without closing the room too much. Original the effect box that includes the ceiling approached maybe to the nuances in tone dell’Eucaliptus Ashen, one of the most Instagrammed plants of the moment.

Geometries and wallpapers

The sage green palette has no particular “contraindications”. It is ideal for two-tone walls or as a base to alternate with botanical wallpapers. Create chromatic forays when inserted in a cool color scheme, perhaps with wall geometries.

Fresh but faithful to tradition, sage represents the chromatic base for trend experiments. Such as combinations with floral patterns in brighter colors. For example in the bathroom, where green can be used to create a boiserie that contrasts with an eclectic floral wallpaper.

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