Three common digital TV reception problems

With the Christmas holiday season upon us, now is the time to rectify any annoying television-related problems. Nothing will spoil Christmas more than the children being unable to watch the latest Julia Donaldson cartoon due to a poor TV reception!

The most common issues include intermittent signal issues, which may present as flickering on certain channels through to a total interruption of service. Other potential issues include faulty equipment causing the system to lose its connection and a failure to be able to watch channels that had previously been available.

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1. Intermittent signal issues.

These are usually caused by weather conditions or interference from nearby electrical items. If the problem persists even during periods of fine weather, you may wish to call out a company that specialises in TV aerial repair Cheltenham to re-site or repair your aerial before the big day.

2. Faulty equipment.

This covers a plethora of possibilities, from the digital set-top box itself to auxiliary cables that connect it to the wall, the aerial, or the television. To determine which element is at fault, you could try replacing one cable at a time and perform a reset of the digital set-top box. If this still fails to deliver the necessary result, you could either consult a professional or purchase a new set-top box.

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  1. Disappearing channels.

    It is so frustrating when a channel you had previously watched suddenly disappears. Re-tuning your set-top box can sometimes get the missing channel back, but occasionally it is out of your control. Occasionally upgrading your aerial can increase its range and enable you to access missing channels, but this is not a failsafe solution. A professional who performs TV aerial repair in Cheltenham will be able to advise on your specific circumstances.

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