What Is A Pyrolytic Furnace?

What Is A Pyrolytic Furnace

We’ve all heard of the famous Pyrolytic ovens or automatic cleaning and as demonstrated in the implementation of most models on the market actually works. At the user level Pyrolysis is simply an option of our oven that is automatically cleaned, without the need for rags, soap or any liquid cleanings. This may sound like good magic, or a technology too modern to understand it but really everything is much simpler. Let’s go step by step:

What Is A Pyrolytic Furnace

What is Pyrolysis?

The word pyrolysis refers to the process of decomposition of organic matter when its temperature rises above 500 degrees Celsius. At this moment the matter changes state to water and CO2 and evaporating. This process is fast and does not really leave any solid residue so the surface looks clean. This process would not be valid if the matter were not organic since the residues would be different.What Is A Pyrolytic Furnace

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How does a Pyrolytic furnace work?

Knowing what the process of pyrolysis can imagine what happens within our pyrolytic oven to make it crisp. Once activated the pyrolysis option the oven is heated to 500 degrees to bring all organic waste to decomposition. This process can last between 1 hour and a half or two hours depending on the amount of waste in our oven. In addition , all ovens with pyrolysis have several cleaning programs that vary in intensity. This way you can clean all the waste in any quantity.What Is A Pyrolytic Furnace

What are the advantages of cleaning a Pyrolytic furnace?

This technology facilitates the cleaning of the oven leaving aside all chemicals and invested in cleaning an oven time. In addition, there are studies that certify that the energy expenditure of the pyrolytic process is much less than the purchase of traditional cleaning products.

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