What is woody biomass?


Biomass is renewable energy sources non-fossil and more precisely the biodegradable part of products, waste and residues from agriculture (including vegetable and animal substances), forestry and related industries, as well as the biodegradable part of industrial or municipal waste. So this is a very broad term for very different materials together.

What is woody biomasswoody biomass

They biomass also firewood, as well as wood chips and pellets , the most widely used woody materials such as bio-fuels to power modern heating systems such as boilers, stoves and other household appliances. Being all biofuels woody origin that arise from woodworking processes, all three materials may be defined as woody biomass.

What is woody biomassWood or wood?

The firewood, wood is subjected to a drying or curing process until it reaches a water content less than 20%, for optimal combustion. The chips is reduced into flakes wood , with sizes ranging from a few millimeters to about 6 cm. It is produced from agricultural and forestry residues such as logs, poles, branches, or whole plants from the wood residues.

What is woody biomass

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Small but powerful: the pellet

The pellet is derived from a drying process and compaction of the raw material coming from woody biomass (sawdust and wood chips of virgin not contaminated) . The pressures and temperatures due to the process involving the partial softening of the wood constituents, in a specific way of lignin, which acts as a natural melting glue. At constant volume, the pellet produces much more heat than the firewood, because it has a very high energy power. The safe and quality pellet is certified with EN brand plus.What is woody biomass

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