How to Apply a Zoom In Effect on Your Video

Getting a video editing software is important for those who frequently have to work with a lot of videos. Many video editing software are easy to use and most beginners can operate it without looking at the manual. The video that you have recorded may not be perfect. However, you can easily fix the issues by simply editing it with a video editing software like Movavi Video Editor. Movavi Video Editor allows you to transform a video that you have recorded with your cellphone into a professional video.

You can use Movavi Video Editor to record videos with your webcam and perform basic video editing tasks. It can automatically detect any webcam and microphone that is connected to the computer. You can import a video to merge it with the video in the work area. You can rotate or crop a segment of the video clip in the work area. There are more than 20 types of transition styles you can put in between clips.

How to Apply a Zoom In Effect on Your Video

You can apply the video zoom in effect if there is a special detail that you want your audience to pay extra attention to it. The segment of the video will automatically zoom in and your audience will be able to see the item clearly when it is zoom in. This effect can easily be achieved by using a simple video editing software such as Movavi Video Editor. To make a certain part of the video zoom in, you must first click on the Add Media Files button to add the video files.

After you have added the video, the video will appear in the timeline. You must now select the segment of the video you want to add the zoom effect. Next, you are to select the Zoom tab and choose Zoom in-out. A grey frame will appear on the video and you must use your mouse cursor to drag and adjust it to the exact area where you would like to zoom in. Once you have applied the zoom in effect, you can press the Export button.

If the video you record is blur, you can improve it by adjust the sharpness toggle. You can also improve the video in other ways such as brightness, and contrast. Segments of the video that look shaky can be stabilized. The Magic Enhance feature can automatically enhance the quality of the video. Some of the different types of special effects you can add to your video are color balance, sepia, and flying. Movavi Video Editor offers many title styles to choose from. You can change the color size, and font style of the video titles.

You can convert the files into a format suitable for sharing at online video sharing sites. It also has a feature that allows you to burn the video file onto a DVD. Movavi Video Editor comes with a 30 days trials for you to test drive the features of the software. You should get Movavi Video Editor if you need an efficient video editing software for performing basic video editing tasks.

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