How to learn to be happy? 12 Simple Tips

The concept of human happiness study philosophers, psychologists, theologians, psychologists – all science explain this feeling differently, but agree on one thing – to learn to be happy is quite real.

The research group of scientists from Harvard and the University of California believe that happiness – is a virus that lives according to the laws of an infectious disease. According to them, if around a man – friendly and smiling people, this attitude is passed to him. In particular, the chance to become a happy person increases by 25% if happy is his best friend.

Lack of even one of these substances affects the mood, thus depriving him of happiness. To avoid this, in the food, you can make minor adjustments by increasing the dose of certain products:

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How to learn to be happy?

  • Do not envy, and do not compare yourself with others. It is very important to learn to be content with what you already have, to appreciate it and enjoy it, without ceasing to strive for more. Other people’s victory and the good life should not cause anger and irritation, and to motivate and inspire. The desire in no way lag behind the other – one of the main enemies of happiness.
  • Do not stop on achieved and constantly put new goals, and let them be global, for example, to build a house or to visit an exotic country, and every day, for example, deliver the report or start walking to fitness. Remember that to be a doctor, raise a child or cook a soup – it’s purpose.
  • About anything not regrets. If something has happened – something that does not change. Think about what could be changed in the past – is absolutely useless, it is better to focus on what can be done now and in the future.
  • Make decisions for yourself, and take responsibility for them. No one but you knows what is best for you. Of course, sometimes the advice is worth listening to, but try on his life only for themselves.
  • Learn to relax, because of the rest and pleasure – an important part of really happy people. Do not sacrifice for the sake of work or rest of money – the first will always be a lot and the second – a little. Try to organize yourself a regular holiday with a rich program, do not forget the daily rest, which includes not only the sleep and leisure but also banal “doing nothing.”
  • Learn to forgive and forget grudges. After all, to keep negative emotions in yourself – the same thing that to drink the poison, but to think that he would poison someone else.
  • Exercise, fitness, regularly do exercises or just to walk a lot. It proved that during exercise the brain consumes more oxygen, and are formed in the body “hormones Joy” (dopamine, serotonin) that enhance mood least 4 hours.
  • Keep an eye on the health, because any disease – a malaise and fatigue, and it is much easier to prevent than to waste energy, time and money for treatment.
  • Eat right, try to learn how to avoid unhealthy foods, such as fast food, but to enjoy the food. More no diet has not made people happy, but the delicious dinner – may well improve your mood.
  • Learn every day to love yourself, respect and appreciate, thus balancing a healthy ego with the right of self-criticism.
  • Smile, even if there is no one to smile. Physiologists call button smile good mood, happy facial relieves muscle clamps and stimulates parts of the brain responsible for good mood.
  • Surround yourself with positive – positive books, movies, beautiful things, such as flowers, photographs or dishes, listen to good music cheerful.

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