Ideas For Decorating An Attic

The penthouses may seem difficult to decorate because of their small space and because some are mansard. It is true that the roofs create problems when choosing furniture and distribute it, but are also very decorative.

With some tips and ideas will help you to decorate your attic. It will be much easier for you. What stands an attic is its luminosity. It is convenient to use colored light to enhance the brightness, especially in walls and floors. Do not use too many pieces to take advantage of space. In addition, the furniture should be tailored to achieve the same goal.

Ideas For Decorating An Attic

The room should be decorated L – shaped drawing and more space. In addition, we would join the room with a small dining room where we would only place a table and chairs. The shelves could be made of work. The furniture will be of light lines and, as already recommended, of light and crude colors. You can also create a contrast of styles with light colored sofa, a sideboard art deco and an Oriental rug. A single line of seats is sufficient with the sofa and an armchair.

Ideas For Decorating An Attic

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As for the kitchen, to look like large furniture should be placed on a single wall, combining high and low furniture.

Ideas For Decorating An Attic

In the rooms, for space, cabinets should suit wall abnormalities. Also, it is advisable ahead of work that saves space. A good idea to create a romantic and pleasant environment is to wallpaper the bedroom with floral print wallpapers.


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