10 Tips On How To Start A Project

10 Tips On How To Start A Project

This article is not an investment in stock market, but to rethink the way of working, how to undertake and how to improve. In these days of rest it seems interesting to me to approach subjects not directly related to the trading, although they are useful for the same one.

Start projects? Start a business? But are there people who do these things?

It looks like it is.

I admire entrepreneurs and people with initiative. And I try to follow that path, always with my slow and slow style.

The ideas I am going to comment I have taken from the great book ” REWORK “, which I recommend you read if you are interested in strategies to start businesses, to make them efficient and profitable, and to evolve.

Its authors are J. Fried and D Heinemeier, founders of the successful 37signals company , and brings a fresh and refreshing insight into the art of creating and thriving a business or project.

This is a selection of ten of his most interesting concepts:

10 Tips On How To Start A Project1- IGNORE THE REAL WORLD

There is a phrase that is often heard when proposing business ideas: “that can not work in the real world”

But what is the real world? It seems some dark and depressing place, where the doomsayers and futurists of misfortune are always right. But it’s not like that.

Fear of the real world is no more than an excuse not to start your illusions.

The real world will be what we build, not what others are trying to build.


Unless you have prophethood, the long-term plans we build with care are just a fantasy.

They tell us not to improvise, that we must follow a planning. But it is not true; you have to improvise many times. A plan that in the past could make sense, ceases to have it when circumstances change.

Do not let a sound planning of the strategic events of the future paralyze you.

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The super-hardworking people, who stay until the many hours putting hours and hours, are very appreciated in our society.

However, work addiction is not only unnecessary, it can also be harmful.

The workaholics spend hours working on problems, obtaining solutions that are often unsightly. They substitute ingenuity and creativity by brute force.

And it is not sustainable. Sooner or later, a workaholic is burned, creating more problems than he solves.

The true hero is the worker who manages to do his job well and at the same time get home at a normal time.

10 Tips On How To Start A Project4 – DO SOMETHING YOU LIKE

If you throw yourself into a project, an idea or a business, that is something that you like, that helps you in your life, that you find it useful.

When you launch a project you must make hundreds of small decisions about how your product, your service or project works. If it is something that is commissioned by a customer, you must constantly ask what it is that you want. You do not know the details well; You really navigate in the dark.

If instead it is that you solve your own problems, you know very well what you must do. And you also tend to be very motivated.

This was the case with inventor James Dyson, who grew tired of seeing his vacuum cleaner lose its ability to suction and practical utility as it was used. He managed to solve the problem elegantly, and the Dyson vacuum cleaners are now sold in the thousands.

10 Tips On How To Start A Project5 LESS IS MORE

“I have no time”, “I have no money”, “or personal”, “or experience”.

Do not complain.

Not having something is not really that bad.

Those who do not have everything they need are looking for more efficient ways of doing the work. Simplicity and shortage at work may be good;

Like the American airline SouthWest, which only buys a single model airplane: the Boeing 737. Unlike the other airlines, in SouthWest pilots, hostesses, mechanics and specialists of all types can work on any of their aircraft and on any of their flights.


If you postpone a decision, you pile up with other deferred decisions. The battery is usually endless.

If you meditate on a topic, it is to make a decision. He executes things. Make progress.

Decisions are progress. Only the one who tries and decides advances.

And the best thing is that if decisions are not recorded in stone: you can always change them if it is incorrect. It’s okay to change your mind.

10 Tips On How To Start A Project7- HUYE OF MEETINGS

  • Meetings at work are toxic.
  • Here are some reasons for its toxicity:
  • They talk about abstract things, not real ones.
  • They show a very small amount of useful information per minute.
  • They require people to prepare them, when people almost never have time for it.
  • The agenda is often so vague that no one really knows the purpose of the meeting.
  • Almost always some heavy monopolizes the time causing the rest of the people to lose his.
  • Meetings procreate, they duplicate like bacteria: one meeting leads to the next, and this one to the next …

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Almost all of us do the famous lists of pending issues, the “To do” lists.

It is correct to put a list of pending issues, which must be in order of importance, not in order of urgency.

The problem is that these lists tend to grow and grow. There are few issues, and many enter.

A list of outstanding issues should be, by definition, short. If it is long, delete it and make a new cut.

Because life is short.


Many times in business and in life we ​​look at others to overcome them. If the neighbor does a lot of publicity, you should do more. If your product has 10 functions, yours should be 15.

It is the mentality of the cold war, that of overcoming the contrary.

But you’d better focus on yourself, your project, what you want to offer.

A clear example is in bicycles: At the time, mountain bike bikes innovated with sophisticated brake discs, with very strong suspensions, and with many marches: 5, 10, 20 gears.

However, they have long been triumphing very simple bikes. That they have but one march; nothing high tech. Even without brakes. They are cheap, light and serve to ride a bike.

Do little and well, focus on solving a problem without further ado, can be your biggest success ..


Chefs often publish their recipes. They are not secret, they write them in cookbooks. Although they are very easy to imitate.

And the more they share, the more they communicate and are more likely to become famous.

Many think that in business you have to hide the methods of success, the secret of the company, the key to profits. But that is true only for a very small number of companies.

The sharing of your ideas and methods, like the chefs, improves your prestige and ends up giving you more than what you offer.

Americans say “givers get”. Those who give, receive.

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