How To Get Rich, Stop Being Poor, And Give Up The Rat Race

How To Get Rich, Stop Being Poor, And Give Up The Rat Race

I will comment on a series of ideas about how to get rich, ideas that maybe not everyone agrees with. They refer to the underlying reasons for wealth and poverty, why there are rich and there are poor, and that they should make the latter to become the first.

These reasons are not mine, they come from the book “Rich Father, Poor Father” by Robert Kiyosaki, a curious book with which you can agree or not, but that makes interesting contributions.

Here I summarize some of them, ideas about the money that the rich father of the book explains to his son.

Most of the workers and employees of the lower and middle classes are like the rats of a cage: hardworking workers, who earn a salary that comes to them to keep their family and their uninteresting standard of living, running and running always without arriving at no place, like the rat in its endless wheel.How To Get Rich, Stop Being Poor, And Give Up The Rat Race

In order to get out of that rat race, that wasted effort, you have to think like the rich, who think differently of the poor, and start playing with the rules of the rich, which are not the rules under which the 95% of the population.

Rich father poor father

The poor father is the real father of the protagonist, an educated, well-educated but middle-class man who loves the idea of a lifetime job.

The fact that you do not love your job is secondary to being safe.

The poor father, who is the middle class in general, says he is not interested in money. That money does not give happiness, which is something intrinsically evil.

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But he is unable to leave work and is always demanding improvements in salary.

When the poor man loses his job or does not raise his salary, he blames his bosses on the situation. Or the company in general, or the government that does things wrong, but never blame himself.

The poor do not want to change anything, he wants others to change so that their problems can be solved. But the reality is that it is difficult to change others, and it is much easier to change oneself, to risk, to try new things, to learn something, to become wiser.

The rich father, “adopted” the protagonist, says that money is power. But he does not want to work for money, he wants money to work for him.

“The poor and middle class work to earn money. The rich make money work for them “

The rich father gives a series of guidelines to the son, not very precise guidelines, but to help him think about how things work:

Fear and Desire

One of the two emotions that govern people is fear. In economic matters, fear is always present: fear of not being able to pay the mortgage; To lose their jobs; Not to arrive at the end of the month; To have to start over. And so, in practice, the middle class is the slave of money, because money numbs fear.

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The poor want to avoid risk. “When it comes to money, do not take risks,” they say. The rich, on the other hand, ask themselves “how to manage this risk?”

The rich father recognizes the emotions he feels: it is not a question of fighting them, but knowing them, accepting them, but not letting them guide their economic decisions.

Managing fear of losing is increasing your chances and your ability to win.How To Get Rich, Stop Being Poor, And Give Up The Rat Race

But in reality, not all the rich are like this. Many rich people feel the same fear as the poor: fear of losing their luxuries, their palaces, their privileges. And so, they keep striving every day to get more riches, often with great sacrifice, only to drive away the fear of losing everything. These people are not really rich, they just fight for money; That should not be the goal.

On the other hand, that does not mean that the poor man is happier, living a difficult and insecure life. To despise money is as psychotic as to love it.

If you control the power of money, without fearing it and without loving it, you get freedom. And that is not taught in universities, nor in business schools.

The other emotion that tortures humanity is desire; Some call it greed, but it is best defined as desire: desire to improve, to live more comfortable, better standard of living; Which means more money, to have a better life.

That desire, like fear, must be accepted but not let it make decisions for us; Because then we will be wrong.

The middle class feels the desire for money, shapes their life and their decisions, and they become donkeys dragging a carrot with the carrot in front of the muzzle.

To avoid that life of effort and small rewards, you must be aware of the carrot.

The money is the carrot. And ignorance about how to obtain it, and especially how to preserve it, is what causes gray, frightened lives, without pursuing the dreams we all have.

Ignorance must be fought with knowledge, But business schools turn economists into bean counters.

And they are usually the bean counters who run the businesses: they are dedicated to looking at the numbers, to lay off employees to square numbers, to lower costs, and not to bring prosperity.

Counting beans, accounting, is important, but for only is a partial part of business. With that theory in mind, we can never see good opportunities, we are blind imitating other blind people.How To Get Rich, Stop Being Poor, And Give Up The Rat Race

Active and passive

A fundamental part that the middle class should understand is what is an asset and what is a liability.

In traditional accounting, an asset is what you own, and a liability is the debts you have. But that is an incorrect approximation.

An asset is what generates income. And a liability is what generates expenses. This is all we need to know. If we want to be rich, we have to spend all our lives building assets and eliminating liabilities.

80% of the cash generated by the middle class comes from their work. That is why it is and will continue to be middle class. The wealthy class is the one that gets most of its cash from its assets.

When people ask how to get rich quickly, they go wrong.

Because that’s not the right question. People who ask that question often has problems with money, earn little or earn a lot. Because they are not usually able to keep expenses below earnings.

Many people who win a major prize in the lottery, do not solve their financial problems in the long run and end up as poor as they were before the prize.

The right thing is to train, prepare, and be attentive, with only one goal: to acquire assets.

Almost everyone considers their home as an asset. However, homes are often a liability: your administration expenses, repair costs, taxes and of course mortgages are usually brutal.

This does not mean that you do not have to buy a home. Simply that it should be considered largely as a liability, and you have to balance it with asset acquisition.

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Another key point is that people who do not have money to invest, simply do not invest. And by giving up that pursuit of assets, they give up training, experience, and end up being very unsophisticated investors: they move their house to a bigger house they should not have, or invest in bank accounts and other secure but very Unprofitable, that do not scare them but keep them in poverty.How To Get Rich, Stop Being Poor, And Give Up The Rat Race

Robin Hood’s scam

Robin The last scam is taxes. The poor father also refuses to understand taxes. That they are a deception, based on the idea of Robin Hood, that inspires so much to the working classes: to take the money from the rich to give it to the poor.

The reality is that the rich do not just pay taxes. It is the middle class that pays for the poor, especially the educated upper-middle class. And since they do not plan to do anything else, they do not know how to use legal tools to pay fewer taxes.

But the rich, yes. They surround themselves with people who know the system and avoid many taxes with ease.

Because the only rule of thumb is: the one who has the gold makes the rules.

This is the reality. It is the reason why the rich are richer, and the poor are poorer.

And the only way out of the rat race is to use our brains.

In summary,

  • Train and know the rules
  • To escape from taxes
  • Deal with fear and risk with courage and rigor
  • Control our desires for money
  • And increase our assets as quickly as possible.

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