The definitive strategy to retire at 55

The definitive strategy to retire at 55 a

If you are young and want to plan a golden retirement at the age of 55, I tell you a strategy that works. And if you’re not so young but you want your savings to grow safe, you can also follow it for as long as you want.

It is an infallible strategy. It cannot fail. Do not you believe it? Keep reading;

When you finish reading, you will surely agree with me.

To achieve a goal as ambitious as enjoying a quiet retirement and without fuss from 55 to 100 (tranquility and abundance prolong life), you have to meet 4 conditions.

The 4 are perfectly possible way to get. Anyone can do it. Let’s see:

CONDITION 1: Invest $ 10,000 and then save $200 per month.

The first is that you should save and invest wisely for 30 years. That is to say, we imagine a young man of 25 years who begins to work, and decides that he wants to retire to the 55: It must scratch the pocket and destine $10,000 to investment. And also, allocate every month $ 200 to invest.The definitive strategy to retire at 55 a

This first condition is common sense. More and more scholars of the financial world say that one of the safest and most profitable modes of investment is simply saving. Accumulating money.

Of course, it has no glamor. But many mega-billionaires have had that philosophy all their lives, like Billy Gates, who was traveling by plane in tourist class when he could buy the airline. O Warren Buffet, who has not changed his house in 50 years.

The starting amount of $10,000 may seem high, but it is less than what a car is worth. And everyone buys a car.

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And the periodic saving of $200 a month is uncomfortable, but in reality it’s about ordering a regular transfer from your checking account to your savings account, and thinking that you have a lower salary.The definitive strategy to retire at 55 a

CONDITION 2: Resist 30 years.

This is perhaps the most difficult condition. The difference that makes the difference.

It was clear to him one of the most intelligent men of the XX Century:

Compound Interest is the most powerful force in the galaxy Albert Einstein

Because if you save $200 every month, compound interest generates the snowball effect. However, does not it sound a bit like the story of the milkmaid?

Because who is 30 years of money?

It’s a long time. A young man with 25 years should wait to buy his first car, and lower his low salary by 200 $.

Then, having your first child, you will have more expenses, but you must continue taking out the 200 $ per month.

Over the years, if you are doing well, you will want a summer home.

Or maybe she has more children.

The sick; or go to unemployment for a season.

And no matter what happens, you should keep getting the 200 $ month to month.

It is very unusual. No one does that.

But if we want to get something that normal people cannot get, we cannot do what normal people do. You have to get away from the herd.

However, does anyone really pay hundreds of euros a month without ever failing?

Quite the opposite: everyone pays a much larger monthly amount to the state, in the form of retirement.

Why? Obviously, the State forces us.

They are very clumsy managing the fortune that we give him during our working life, but they are constant and relentless when it comes to collecting. And therefore, all citizens pay every month between 300 $and 700 $to Social Security.

Therefore, if we do not want to be the story of the dairy, we must be constant as Social Security, and adapt from today to live with 200 $ less in the salary.The definitive strategy to retire at 55 a

CONDITION 3: Earn 10% per year for 30 years.

This condition also seems complicated at first glance.

As I commented in the article on mutual funds, 88% of the funds in America do not equal the profitability of the government bonds in terms of 10 years.

And 99.8% do not surpass the index of the Madrid Stock Exchange.

Many other international studies on the long-term profitability of stock exchanges reach the same concussion: depending on the country and the chosen decades, the stock market does not even reach government bonds.

And the problem is that traditional funds and investments try to avoid risk. Because risk drives away your customers, which is what they really pursue.

And by reducing the risk, buying and selling with some frequency, it damages the profitability.

However, an investor who has a very long horizon does not care that a year loses 20%, or 30%.

Therefore the key is to be able to ignore oscillations from one to three years, thus obtaining a great advantage over other investors. We will gain what others lose.

Logically, we need investment methods that, although they oscillate, recover in the long term.

Therefore, I have selected 4 solid systems, very tested, based on logical concepts, which, although they may have a bad year, in long terms (2 or 3 years) are profitable with great security.

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