10 Foods That Can Help Prevent Sunburn Of The Skin

10 Foods That Can Help Prevent Sunburn Of The Skin

The Internet is full of appeals: “summer, do not rush.” Feels a common joyful mood. But the joy and euphoria of being in the sun can result in disappointment and even hospitalization. Have you guessed what I’m driving at? Sunburn of the skin – that’s what lies in wait for frivolous vacationers.

According to recent studies, eating foods containing high amounts of carotenoids, vitamins C and E, polyphenols can significantly increase the protective resources of the body. Roughly speaking, eating a product we help our body to build its own protective shell, protecting from dangerous sunburn. And yes, such products must be consumed all year round, and in summer it is worth to increase their consumption. Here, as in folk wisdom – prepare a sleigh in the summer, and a cart – in the winter.

So what should you eat to avoid using ointment from burns? First of all, it is necessary to include in the diet a large number of bright fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Here 10 amazing foods that can help prevent sunburn of the skin

Almond And Sunburn10 Foods That Can Help Prevent Sunburn Of The Skin

An excellent source of vitamin E, rich in antioxidants, an excellent helper in the fight against the harmful effects of sunlight. Almonds have their distinct taste but do not forget that it should be eaten raw. Try adding it to salads or chopping it for ice cream as a topping, or use almond oil to make a sweet and spicy sauce for a grilled chicken. Be sure – this strong nutlet is good in sweets, and in meat dishes.

Asparagus And The Treatment Of Burns10 Foods That Can Help Prevent Sunburn Of The Skin

Who knew that asparagus is a good source of vitamin E. Yes, just so, it is not only a storehouse of vegetable fiber, rich in trace elements and vitamins but also contains very few calories. So it’s worth taking her on a picnic and cooking on the grill.

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Carrots Are Also A Good Remedy For Burns10 Foods That Can Help Prevent Sunburn Of The Skin

Antioxidants in carrots can not only prevent possible sun damage to the skin; Studies show that they can actually reverse it. Add this orange root to your diet. Use a peeler or a spiral cutter for the fruit to cut carrots with long, thin ribbons or “noodles” and decorate them with your salads and pasta dishes.

Chocolate Helps To Remove Sunburn Of The Skin10 Foods That Can Help Prevent Sunburn Of The Skin

Chocolonies rejoice! Dark chocolate (65% cocoa or more) is rich in antioxidants that help fight the damage that the sun can inflict on our skin. What should I do not to get a sunburn? That’s right – there is dark bitter chocolate every day. So make sure that you get your 100 calories, but no more, this sweet treat every day!

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Green Tea10 Foods That Can Help Prevent Sunburn Of The Skin

Green tea is one of the richest sources of polyphenols. Studies show that daily use of dietary polyphenols can provide protection from harmful ultraviolet rays, so drink tea with benefit. Or, go ahead and try to use the powder from tea to make the baking.

Kiwi10 Foods That Can Help Prevent Sunburn Of The Skin

Kiwis contain more vitamin C than oranges – this is good news if you are looking for additional protection from cell damage by free radicals caused by exposure to sunlight. Add kiwi pulp to fruit salad, season with salsa or prepare smoothies.

Salmon10 Foods That Can Help Prevent Sunburn Of The Skin

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon will help you maintain a healthy layer of subcutaneous fat, which can reduce the harmful effects of sun and significantly slow the aging process of the skin and the body as a whole. Make sure you eat enough healthy fats. Prepare this summer for grilling salmon, tuna steak or steamed salmon steak.

Sunflower Seeds10 Foods That Can Help Prevent Sunburn Of The Skin

If you are looking for other ways of getting vitamin E, then it’s worth looking at sunflower seeds. Add them to your diet of daily nutrition – to get a daily rate of antioxidants, it is enough to eat a quarter cup of sunflower seeds. Try adding seeds to the dough for fresh biscuits. My homemade recipe is baking grain bread with bran, with seeds of sunflower and sesame seeds.

Sweet Potato. Sweet Potato10 Foods That Can Help Prevent Sunburn Of The Skin

Like carrots, sweet potato is bright orange, which indicates a high content of beta-carotene, the most important element for the skin. Therefore, when you at this weekend will grill steaks on the grill, why not serve them with a garnish of sweet potato?

A Tomato10 Foods That Can Help Prevent Sunburn Of The Skin

And here is good news for lovers of tomatoes and tomato juice. Tomatoes are an excellent source of lycopene, an antioxidant that protects against UV rays.

There are many ways to prevent the effects of sunburn. For example, use an ointment containing panthenol, this is an effective remedy for burns. You can use a variety of protective equipment with different degrees of UV filters – sprays, oils, emulsions and a bunch of different pieces. Or you can just not take off your clothes. But you want to shine with a healthy “bronze”, causing envy of colleagues, especially for lovely ladies. For them, tanning has long turned into a special cult. It comes to the point of absurdity – some people visit the solarium before going to the sea.

All possible external methods of protection and treatment of sunburn are known to us, advertising on television with the advent of summer explained everything. Can eat other methods of skin protection? Maybe it’s time to turn your eyes to what we eat? “We are what we eat,” said the ancients. Healthy skin is not only the use of super-expensive mega nano creams, it’s also what we include in our daily diet.

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Of course, you should understand that you should not just be limited to diet or cosmetic care. An integrated approach should be applied here. And, of course, do not forget about common sense and limit the time of sunbathing to avoid sunburn.

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