4 Apps to Help You Stay Focused During Exam Season

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Exam season can be stressful, with assignment deadlines looming and test dates on the horizon. You’ve definitely heard stories about your classmates doing everything at the last minute—while this may work for some, it’s typically far preferable to arrange yourself and accomplish everything in more manageable chunks, like playing games from spinningvegas casino in short sessions.

Keeping focused during exam season has been a lot easier in recent years. There are various apps available to help you stay on track, whether it’s via eliminating distractions or better managing your routine. In this guide, you’ll discover four of the best apps to help you get the grades you want.

Cold Turkey

You can enhance your productivity tools in a variety of ways, but putting such a system will be futile if you continue to be distracted. From social media to infotainment sites, there are plenty of places competing for your attention including platforms like aud online casino. And if you’re not careful, it’s easy to fall into a rabbit hole.

Cold Turkey is one of the best website blockers for removing distractions when studying. You can add lists for sites where you frequently spend too much time, and you can switch your block lists on and off as needed. If you upgrade to Cold Turkey Pro, you may set when your blockers will be activated.

Cold Turkey’s basic features are available for free. If you want to buy the full version, you can do so for a one-time fee of $29.


Exam season frequently necessitates revising for many tests at the same time, and you may also have a large number of coursework assignments. It is critical to plan your calendar ahead of time and to break down big tasks into smaller chunks. Using Brite to plan your day is a fantastic idea for various reasons.

Brite allows you to put the overriding tasks that you must perform without difficulty. Furthermore, you can choose the difficulty level for each, as well as which ones are your top priority. If you need to finish your thesis, for example, that may be your primary focus until you’ve turned it in.

Many of Brite’s services are free, however, you may upgrade to the premium plan for $4.50 per month ($3.29/mo with annual contracts).

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the calendar of choice for many students, and it has various features that can help you stay focused on your studies. Planning your week in Google Calendar necessitates considering not only your exams but also any other obligations you may have.

Even while you’ll need to devote time to your work, it’s equally important to spend time with your friends and maintain a regular fitness routine. Both of the above can be added by tapping the time slots you want to add events to and inputting the information before editing the length.

Using the Deep Work concept can also help you stay on track throughout exam season, and you can quickly add these sessions to your Google Calendar. Aside from Google Calendar, there are a variety of free time-tracking apps that might assist you in making the most of your Deep Work.


While several of the apps we’ve described include built-in to-do lists, other users may prefer to utilize a tool designed particularly for that purpose. TickTick competes with Microsoft To Do and Todoist, although it remains undoubtedly the best option in this field.

TickTick allows you to create tasks and subtasks, as well as schedule when they are due. The Summary section summarizes what you need to do, and if you can’t do something, you can mark it as Won’t Do.

TickTick also allows you to develop habits. If you’re in the midst of exam season, this tool may help you keep to productivity strategies like the Pomodoro technique. You may also organize your objectives within the app by tags and other categories. TickTick is available for free, but you may upgrade for $2.79 per month or $27.99 per year.

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