Blue dye: Everything you need to know to dye your hair blue

Blue dye

Do you want to make a radical change in your hair? The blue tint could be a great option to give a super special, youthful, fresh, and original touch to your image. However, it may be that you are still not convinced or have any doubts, especially if you have never dyed it.

Dare to try the blue dye for your hair! Here we tell you everything you need to know before, during, and after painting your hair blue, as well as some suggestions to make your color look incredible, do not mistreat your hair, and make the best decision.

What shade of blue to choose?

The first step is that you decide which shade of blue to choose since there is a great range. This will depend on your taste, the length of your hair, cut, and how much you are willing to invest.

  • Dark Blue: It is a more pure shade of blue that works well for all hair
  • Electric blue: It is a very intense tone that also provides shine and luminosity to the hair
  • Turquoise blue: It is one of the most youthful and striking tones
  • Pastel blue: This tone is more tender and original, you can also find it as baby blue
  • Metallic blue: This shade of blue tends to appear between gray and blue so it will also give your hair a great personality.

Once you have chosen the tone, it is important that you define if you want to dye all your hair or only certain parts. They can be shades in highlights and highlights, you can also choose to dye only the tips or some other part such as the fringe or a lock. You should know that there are also more complex tones such as gradients that are a variation of the same color.

Can I paint my hair blue by myself?

If you want to dye all your hair a dark blue and you don’t want to bleach it, you can do it yourself at home as if you were applying any other dye. Keep in mind that the tone of your hair will influence how the dye is noticeable, but usually, in dark or medium brown tones it can be very good. With each application, it will take on more color

In addition, you can choose to use treatments that protect the dye; they usually come in the form of a mask or conditioner. Color depositors are a kind of pigment conditioners that apply color to the follicles with each wash. They work very well to activate these types of dyes and protect your tone whether it is fading or non-fading.

For any other option you choose, such as highlights, highlights, or tips, you should go to a specialist at the beauty salon. This is because you will need the previous bleaching so that you have the results you expect, especially if you have chosen a degraded tone.

When you already have the discoloration, you only have to buy the blue dye and apply it yourself when it has already washed away or you see that it needs a touch-up.

Do I need the previous bleaching?

It will depend on the shade you choose. Typically, for a blue tint to really shine, it does need to be bleached, except if it is a very dark hue. We recommend that you go to a specialist to bleach according to your hair since each one is different.

There are different degrees of discoloration, according to your natural pigment you will need more or less time for it to clear; It is important that you know that some hair with the first bleaching cannot reach very high levels because it could break. But do not be scared, the stylist will know how far your hair can resist without mistreating it, that is why it is important that you go to the beauty salon.

How long does the blue tint last?

The blue tint lasts an average of two weeks as you applied it. Bear in mind that the original tone wears off with each wash, so we recommend that you take good care of it with some products and habits so that you don’t have to touch it up so often. If you take good care of it, it can even last a month.

How can I take care of my blue tint?

From the first time you apply the blue dye, you should avoid washing it with very hot water. Make sure it is always warm and that the jet does not fall directly on your head.

Another thing you can do is wash it only every other day, this will help you not only to preserve your color better but to prevent it from being abused; If you must wash it daily, do not do it with shampoo as it will wash away the tone with each application. You can wash your hair only with conditioner by applying masks, reactivators or color depositors.

Try not to apply so many styling products such as spray, mousse, or styling creams, the fewer products you use the better.

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