Blue Makeup Looks :All the secrets for a perfect make-up with blue color

The autumn-winter trends see blue as one of the hottest colors, like now the serenity blue, which is so much spring. There are many ways in which blue can be used to create make-up. Just choose the one that suits you best and buy the best products for what you want to achieve.

Blue is mainly good for blondes and reds with light skin. But by doing it in the most appropriate way and mixing it with other shades, dark-skinned brunettes and browns can also wear this color with this color. Who is not very practical, can view the many tutorials on Youtube that explain how to wear make-up with blue.

Make up blue brown eyes

To make up brown eyes with blue, we can use a dark blue pencil. And an eyeshadow of the same color, to be further darkened with very little black at the lashes. Also with regard to the choice of mascara, it is preferable to opt for black. In order to have this color in correspondence with the iris and not blue, which could “bang” next to brown.

Blue ceremonial make-up

For an elegant ceremony , blue make-up must recall the shade of the dress, be evident, and be able to emphasize the look without making it “theatrical”. It is preferable to combine it with nude lipstick, to avoid an excessive mixing of colors in a context where a pinch of more formality does not hurt. And to make it with non-pearly or iridescent products. Use a mascara that does not weigh down the lashes to avoid the “circus” effect.

Electric blue make up

Electric blue will be one of the trends for next autumn/winter. And to make up this color we must trace the line at the lower lashes with a pencil or an electric blue eyeliner, blend a matching eye shadow on the mobile eyelid. Even in glitter if it’s evening makeup, apply a volumizing mascara to highlight the lashes. Kajal butter if we want to enlarge the eyes.

Blue and black make up

We spread a white eyeshadow over the entire eyelid. And apply a pearly blue eyeshadow starting from the inner corner of the eye, blending it outwards. We continue with a matte blue eyeshadow, and in correspondence with the lower lashes. We blend a third darker blue eyeshadow with a brush, creating a smokey effect. Dark blue mascara and that’s it. Lips? Strictly nude or polished with a transparent gloss.

Blue and silver make up

A silver base eyeshadow brings out the blue like no other shade. An idea could be to apply silver all over the eyelid, make a Cut Crease with blue and fill the mobile eyelid with silver glitter eyeshadow. Naturally blue mascara and very light lipstick on the lips, or transparent glass with glitter.

Blue and gold make up

The blue and gold make-up refers to the make-up of Egyptian women : in fact, gold, mixing with blue, gives rise to a third shade halfway between green and blue that makes the eyes stand out, making them look intense and seductive. False eyelashes are also indicated with this type of make-up, but only for a night at the disco, a dance performance, or a theatrical performance.

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