Dry oil: the beauty ally for body and hair you will fall in love with

Dry oil

When to use dry oil?

A cosmetic designed specifically for dry skin, non-greasy and easily absorbed: here’s everything you need to know about dry oil!

Especially those with dry skin often find themselves having to buy oil-based products. We will certainly have come across products presented based on dry oil. But what’s the difference with the first? First of all, the oil, most of the time, gives that greasy feeling and is not always easily absorbed. A feature that does not belong, however, to the second type of product.

Furthermore, dry oil can be applied both on the body and on the hair. Let’s find out what are the reasons why we will fall in love with it completely!

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Dry oil for body and hair: the reasons for using it

We are talking about a nutrient-rich product that can hydrate not only the body but also the scalp.

Dry oil for body and hair has a delicate texture and is absolutely not greasy, on the contrary, it absorbs quickly and does not leave the feeling of wet and sticky on the body. This does not happen mainly because it is most often presented in the form of a spray.

To be used in case of dry or irritated skin, it gives shine and, if used in summer, it can also bring out the tan. Another advantage that this type of product offers is the fragrance: it is delicate and at the same time very pleasant.

When to use dry oil?

This product, compared to the classic oil, can be used on any occasion: we can apply it both just before getting dressed and just before taking a bath. Indeed, it is recommended for those who play sports in order to keep the skin soft and hydrated and therefore avoid the risk of irritation and redness in the case of sensitive skin. It can also be used in manicure: it’s perfect for moisturizing cuticles!

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