Dry wash at home

Natural methods for dry washing also include doughs with lemon juice and salt. For the skin, on the other hand, white clay with water is very effective. The do-it-yourself washing kit.


The laundry, the washing and dry cleaning of suits, costs, and not a little. The washing machine is unsuitable. What to do? The best solution, both from the point of view of savings and for the positive effect on the environment, is to carry out dry cleaning at home.

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With very simple methods and alternatives, and by replacing perchloroethylene, the chemical solvent generally used by laundries, with natural products. Let’s see which ones:

  • First, read the label of the garment to be washed, to find out if dry cleaning is allowed and if there are any useful suggestions. Then cover the work surface with an oilcloth, spread the dress to be removed on top. Prepare a mixture of sparkling water, baking soda, and white wine vinegar and mix until you get a cream. Dip a cotton ball in this thick paste and dab on the stains until they disappear. Then, clean with a white, damp cloth and finally hang the garment out in the open air, possibly in the sun, so that it dries well.
  • Another effective method involves using a solution made of lemon juice and salt mixed together until a thick substance is obtained. Then pass this paste on the stain and leave it on for half an hour. Then remove the cream and clean the dress with a wet white microfibre cloth: the result is guaranteed.

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  • Take a cotton cloth soaked in alcohol and wipe it on the stain to be treated, rubbing well. Then sprinkle with talcum powder (or rice starch) and let it act for a few minutes. Then brush with a fabric brush and the stain will disappear.
  • In supermarkets, you can find real dry cleaning kits, also totally biodegradable, therefore free of chemical solvents. The large distribution kit requires that you also have a dryer at home. In the kit you will find a pre-treatment to distribute on the stains. After using it, you have to put the clothes in the special bag supplied and put everything in the washing machine, together with the absorbent sheet that captures the colors, also present in the kit. At the end of the wash, place the bag in the dryer and run a program of about thirty minutes. Finally, after drying, remove the bag, take out the clothes and hang them on a drying rack. Always keep in mind that the kit cannot wash leather, suede or fur garments.
  • If you have a habit of using the pats soap of Marseille, strofinatene someone, dry, on the stains to be removed and eventually proceed with normal washing.
  • If you have to clean a leather jacket, take some white clay and mix it with water; then rub the paste obtained on the jacket, always proceeding in the same direction, from bottom to top. Finally, hang the jacket where there is no direct light and let the pasta dry; then shake the jacket and brush with a clothes brush.

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