Fashionable Sweatshirts Of The Season Winter 2018-2019

Fashionable sweatshirts of the season winter 2018-2019

Loose soft sweatshirt has become a hit of the season 2018-2019! And this is not surprising. What could be nicer than wearing a warm and cozy thing on an overcast and rainy day! In addition, this piece of clothing perfectly harmonizes with clothes, accessories of different styles. In the coming year, fashion continues to move away from the gloss and high cost of the image in the direction of minimalism and convenience. Residents of large cities today pay much less attention to appearance, preferring to ultra-comfortable clothing. Therefore, the products of famous brands (Fashionable sweatshirts, hoodie, hoodies), embodying a perfect fit, combinatorial and concise design at the peak of popularity. The emphasis is on feminine beauty and naturalness, which clothing should only emphasize beneficially.

Fashionable sweatshirts of the season winter 2018-2019

From the history

Initially, Fashionable sweatshirts (in English, the term sounds like a “sweater shirt”) were used by athletes for outdoor training. The products were simple gray pullovers. After several years, various monograms and symbols of the teams that performed in such uniforms began to be put on them. Sweaters became especially popular after the Olympic Games, which took place in the 36th year. In the 60s of the last century, students who, like athletes, put them on to competitions, paid attention to practical fashionable sweatshirts. Later, supplemented with the logos of universities, they became part of student sports equipment. Visit this content for modern russian clothing.

Fashionable sweatshirts for girls in the 2018th: photos, features

Today these are sweaters with raglan sleeves, complemented by cuffs. Free-cut clothing with a stitched belt is made of knitted solid knitted fabric. Its main features – the absence of zippers, round neckline. Some models are equipped with a voluminous hood and pockets.

Universal sweaters do not go out of fashion for a long time, because allow you to create interesting sets in the styles of casual, sport-chic, eclectic, oversized, street style and many others. Over time, only their appearance is slightly transformed. There are new shades, styles, prints. For example, in many fashion collections, along with classic products of neutral tones, there are models decorated with spectacular inscriptions, prints, decorated with silver sparkling sequins, embroidery, 3D ornaments, ruffles, contrasting inserts, and applications. The styles of top products differ in length. They can be shortened, elongated, oversize, in the form of a cropped sweater, fur, quilted, with a hood.

Fashionable sweatshirts of the season winter 2018-2019

And if initially Fashionable sweatshirts were in demand only among professional athletes, as well as teenagers, now such a sweater (and not one!) Will be found in almost every woman’s wardrobe. After all, designers offer options for all cases: models made from 100% cotton, polyester, products from blended fabrics with elastane, things for the cold season, made from cozy fleece, Polartec or footer. Any of the fabrics perfectly breaths ideally retains heat, keeps its shape for a long time. Despite the fact that the sweatshirt is infinitely far from the graceful feminine outfits, products made of soft non-sweeping knitwear are very popular. Especially they are appreciated by ladies who prefer casual.

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Fur sweater

In an effort to give their appearance charm and ease, the most sophisticated women of fashion choose models from fur. He is always in trend. And not only natural. Actually, all fleecy and soft textured look. The fuzzier the jacket, the more expressive your outfit will look. Moreover, fashionable experts recommend mixing such models with a contrasting bottom in texture. For example, with a silk skirt with laces, with shiny / leather leggings, with a checkered maxi sundress. Fur sweatshirts are created for the most creative individuals who are not indifferent to colorful shades who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, love life and in any situation tend to look charismatic and feminine.

Fashionable sweatshirts of the season winter 2018-2019


A win-win to replenish the basic autumn-winter wardrobe – sweater concise silhouette neutral light or dark shade. Choose the most uncomplicated fit. You should not “bother” with decoration and print, because A simple sweatshirt is suitable for any occasion, it is organically combined with classic and informal trousers (for example, with chinos), with jeans, with dresses, with skirts, with different shoes. Thanks to the laconic exact cut, perfect tailoring, the products are able to “flatter” any figure.

Fashionable sweatshirts of the season winter 2018-2019


The “big size” already loved by many women in the new season still remains in trend. Comfort, freedom of cut, ease – the advantages of oversize sweatshirts can be assessed only by trying them on. The trend in baggy styles, which has not surrendered leading positions for several years, is “loyal” to female figures of any type. Long oversize styles, resembling overalls are the best choice for plus size girls, as sweatshirts perfectly hide imperfections. At the same time, they are able to emphasize the grace and fragility of miniature ladies. Choosing such models with intricate prints, with non-trivial ornaments, decorated with smiles, you can look a bit hooligan, and very sexy, and very cute.

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Fashionable sweatshirts of the season winter 2018-2019

Large mating

Mass-market today is filled with the same type of things. Not surprisingly, handmade returns to fashion, and with it the results of needlework. A large-knit sweatshirt with an original complex ornament will hide what you shouldn’t emphasize, add the necessary volume, and emphasize your forms. Choosing calm shades: brown, gray, milk, coffee, you will create a truly harmonious image. But do not refuse things made in the colors of a bright color palette: purple, ultramarine, green, lime.

Fashionable sweatshirts of the season winter 2018-2019


With a high collar

In recent years, it was not very fashionable to wrap the neck. However, for living in a rather harsh and changeable climate, this fashion is not particularly comfortable. In the new season, finally, you can afford a voluminous warm collar. He will save from the wind and give the appearance of severity. On sale is a huge selection of inexpensive textiles, created in accordance with the latest world trends from soft super comfortable fabrics. They will give a cozy warmth in the winter cold, and cool summer evenings.

Fashionable sweatshirts of the season winter 2018-2019

Despite the fact that the models show the influence of sports, you can choose a women’s sweatshirt for any occasion! For a suburban trip, for a walk with friends, sweaters from 100% cotton will do. Complete with shoes on a massive, stable shoe and denim trousers, this clothing embodies relaxation and convenience. For an evening event on sale, you can find products of sophisticated design. For anyone planning an outdoor activity, the ideal option is warm knitwear with a hood. Without complex silhouettes, without an elaborate design, the sweatshirt has its own special style and looks great. Mobile and courageous women, who know how to present themselves in the most favorable light, prefer such clothes!

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