How to combine the peach color dress to brighten up your looks

peach color dress

We encourage you to discover this tone from the hand of your Personal Shopper and combine it in different ways to give a summer-flavored twist to your seasonal wardrobe. We reveal all the secrets to you!

Summer is here, with good weather and fresh looks in multiple color ranges. On many occasions, we tend to choose neutral tones such as white or blue but, this month, we want to give you a new option full of optimism and that will give your outfits a fresh and very cheerful touch: the peach color.

What does the peach color convey?

The peach color is inspired by one of the most summery fruits out there and is a pastel orange shade that inspires warmth, femininity, positivity, and sweetness.

In the Pantone color palette, peach has a variety of undertones that range from pinkest to most orange. Some have more dusty or grayish hues and others, more brownish. All this, we say it because the peach color is for different colorimetry! You just need to choose well to be able to wear this vibrant color in all its splendor.

In which seasons does the peach color suit?

This color favors, above all, people who belong to the spring season. Skin with a warm golden base and a delicate appearance will benefit from the peach color, as it will add an extra luminosity to the face. If they also have bluish or greenish eye color and blonde or reddish hair color, the effect will be even more powerful.

What shade of peach to choose if you are summer or fall?

If you are not from the spring season but you love the peach color, there is a solution! Depending on the tone you choose, the peach will also favor you if you are summer or autumn. In the case of summer people, it is better to choose more powdery ranges and, if you are autumn, better intense colors such as coral.

How to wear the peach color this summer?

If this summer, you want to bet on fashionable colors and you are looking to incorporate new garments into your wardrobe, we give you all the keys to wearing each of them with the best style. Take note!

Brighten up your look with a peach-colored dress

Choose a satin peach dress and combine it with a camel crossbody bag, matching sandals, and sky blue maxi earrings for an extra touch of color. Three shades that combine perfectly and with which you will look great!

Take a chance with a peach-colored blazer

Blazers are a must-have of every season. In summer, save the classic white or black and get a straight cut in peach. Combine it with shorts or paper bags of the same tone and create a total look. A 100% flattering style!

Bundle up in a peach jumper when it’s cool

If you are looking for a casual and effortless look, combine a knitted jumper in a fine peach fabric, with a white lingerie top and mom-fit pants. Add some flat sandals and you will have a very flattering look for any summer afternoon!

Get it right by combining your peach skirt

A peach midi skirt is a cool and versatile option for summer. Perhaps it is not very flashy but, combined with a denim shirt and esparto sandals, things change, right?

Do you dare with peach-colored jeans?

If you want to go a step further in your summer looks, park your blue jeans for a few days and go for some peach ones. Pair them with a cream knit top and add kitten heels. An outfit that combines formal and informal garments and that is a safe bet to succeed this season!

What colors go with the peach color?

In addition to neutral tones, blues go very well with peach. Whether you want to take a risk, or if you prefer a look a little less adventurous, then we show you different ways to combine it.

Total look in peach

With a monocolor set combining garments of the same tone, you will be right for sure. How about a peach-colored lingerie top, a ruffled wrap skirt from the same range, and camel-colored shovels? A simple but very flattering look that will stylize your figure to the maximum.

The perfect match: peach and blue

Sky blue is the perfect shade to pair with peach. It brings femininity and delicacy to the outfit and, therefore, we recommend that you choose a blue linen shirt, ballerinas in the same tone, and a pleated peach skirt.

Coolest option: peach and white

White is a perfect summer staple. It combines very well with all colors and, if you choose to do a mix & match with peach, you will get a light-filled outfit that is the most summery. Pick a white puff-sleeved blouse, peach skinny jeans, and white flat sandals. A very trendy look for this season!

Take a step further and dress in peach and mauve

Do you like the color block trend? If so, choose a mauve lingerie top and pair it with peach culottes and camel shovels. Three colors that combine very well and with which you will radiate optimism on all four sides.

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