How to make up almond eyes

How to make up almond eyes

Thanks to their specular shape this type of eyes lend themselves to being made up with infinite shades. And for those who don’t have them, there are some easy make-up tricks that give an elongated look “a la Beyonce”.

It’s the perfect eye, so all make-up artists claim. Its specular cut, in fact, means that this shape has nothing to correct. Indeed, it is ideal for creating very imaginative make-up: “We can take advantage of the symmetry of this type of eyes to apply the eyeliner perfectly, just follow its shape and come out a few millimeters to emphasize their natural elongated line”.


To characterize this make-up is a line that follows the natural crease of the eye, emphasizing the eyelid. We apply a golden pink eyeshadow all over the mobile eyelid, which will give brightness to the eyes and make the eye appear larger. Now with the pencil draw a black graphic line, in the natural crease of the eye between the mobile eyelid and the fixed eyelid, blending it upwards. Then we blend a brown eyeshadow following the line drawn with the pencil always upwards. In this way, we will obtain a clear division between the lower lid and the upper lid.

A TWIST FOR THE DAYHow to make up almond eyes

“To create a quick and fresh day make-up, we apply a metallic copper eyeshadow in cream on the entire mobile lid and on the lower lid and emphasize only the final part of the eye with a slightly shaded black eyeshadow that will give three-dimensionality to the eye “.


It only takes two steps to transform this day make-up into an impactful and evening trend, simply by applying two colors of eyeliner. The first black that follows the upper rim of the eyes and the second green exactly above the first. The application of “double” eyeliner will accentuate the elongated shape of the almond-shaped eye.

BEAUTY TIPS TO LENGTHEN THE EYES How to make up almond eyes

“To get a cat-like look typical of the almond-shaped eye starting from around the eye, the secret is to highlight the final part of the eye just apply a light satin pink color on the entire mobile eyelid and with the metallic brown eyeshadow, create a dark half-moon, blending outwards without rounding it up too much. We can further lengthen the look with a line of eyeliner, following the natural inclination of the eye by lifting it slightly only in the final part. Finally, apply the mascara on all the lashes, but insist on the final part of the eye.


It is important to use dark colors only on the final part of the eye, otherwise, the eyes will appear closer and less elongated. Above all, do not overdo the dark on the lower eyelid, otherwise, we will optically get an even more rounded eye

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