If you want to know how to rip jeans to be stylish, just follow our tips. The ripped jeans are considered an evergreen in the fashion industry, because they proposed and replicated over the years and are fine with everything, match, in fact, perfectly with the dancers, with sneakers, but also with heels, creating a contrasting effect, but at the same time elegant.

There are the jeans ripped at the knee, the one ripped at the thigh, the one ripped in both of these points and, for those who like to dare, there are the jeans ripped entirely, starting from the thighs and ending in the middle of the leg.

Then there are those who love ripped jeans with a hole, from which you can see the fibers with the white threads of the pants and there are those, however, who prefer the total tear, from which you can see the skin. As always it depends on the tastes and the occasion, in which you have to show off this item of clothing. If ripped jeans are to be worn to school or work, we recommend the hole from which you can see the threads, if instead, it is to be worn for a date with friends or for a night out, just indulge yourself and show off the ripped jeans everywhere.

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The most fashionable thing, as far as clothing is concerned, is the reuse of various items. In the field of fashion, in fact, everything returns and can be worn in different eras and styles. For this reason, we often hear mothers repeat “Don’t throw it away, because it could come back into fashion”. In our case, however, our trousers are temporarily not in fashion, but if we learn how to wear jeans, they will become a garment to be envied. Even our obsolete jeans, without tears, can thus have a new life and become innovative, without the need to buy new ones.

To know how to rip jeans well, first of all you need to have the right tools: a pair of scissors, a cutter, a grater, and sandpaper. Then we must proceed with the cut, placing the trousers on a smooth and hard surface and drawing a mark with the pencil, which will serve us to proceed straight with the tear.

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The ideal place to start cutting is above the knee and you can start with a cutter or sharp scissors, depending on the fabric and its texture. If you want to create a large hole, at the knee, it is good to trace it on the jeans, in the shape of a rectangle, and then proceed with the scissors, creating a slit with the tip at the corner and continuing on the traced lines. It is also good to center this rectangle as much as possible so that the cat does not go towards the edges.

To make the ripped jeans look truly unique, just wipe the place where you want to proceed with the cut with sandpaper

To make the ripped jeans look truly unique, just wipe the place where you want to proceed with the cut with sandpaper


If we want to give an extra touch to our cut and make them look like real ripped jeans, bought in the store, just pass sandpaper over the point to be cut, in this way you will have a really frayed look, because the fibers will be weakened by the action of sandpaper. Another trick, on how to wear jeans, is to always proceed with small holes, avoiding long strips, but trying to make small holes, which can widen as you get closer to the desired tear. The tear must always be horizontal and to shape it we can use our hands, pulling with one hand downwards and with the other upwards and the fingers, which will also serve to fray the fibers around the crack.

A useful tip to make your ripped jeans look “like new” is to wash them after they are ripped, so the fibers will weaken and look even more frayed. If you want more rips, try to do them at a certain distance from each other, so that the two holes do not become just one, but give the impression of wearing the latest pants.

To prevent the cutter or scissors from going to the back as well, we advise you to put a rolled-up newspaper inside the jeans, right where you want to proceed. If you make many small cuts, with the cutter, just to weaken them a little and not create holes, you can pass a grater over them, in this way the casual effect is guaranteed.

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