How to store peppers

How to store peppers

The peppers are among the prince summer vegetables. The beautiful season, like all the others, brings with it its own fruits of the earth. And the nutritional properties, combined with the benefits, of peppers are perfectly combined with our Mediterranean diet.

In this guide we will discover the secrets and tips on how to store peppers in a healthy and safe way, to always have them available for longer and even out of season.

How to store peppers

The peppers , purely because of summer products, are very worn and cooked during the hottest time. They are not very delicate vegetables, but they do not have a long life if neglected. It is therefore quite important to know which are the right conservation methods, to guarantee the preservation of flavor and texture of our beloved peppers.

Here are the main ways to preserve peppers, to be followed easily at home:

In the fridge: this solution is the most common, and also the most suitable for fast consumption. As soon as you buy them, put the peppers unwashed in plastic bags and put them in the fridge. Green pepper can last up to two weeks; all the others stop at one.

Roasted: an effective way to store peppers all year round. Prepare the roasted peppers, peel them and cut them into strips; then put them in the jars with garlic, oil, and herbs. Vacuum packed, these peppers can be stored for up to 12 months.

In oil: alternating with the famous methods of preserving pickles and sweet and sour peppers, this variant is very interesting for keeping vegetables at their best even out of season. Easy and convenient, the preparation of peppers in oil is also quite quick. Seeing is believing.

How to freeze peppersHow to store peppers

Knowing how to store peppers in the freezer is another prerogative of every good cook (or cook). The freezer, even for peppers, can be the simplest solution (and one of the most durable) to implement in many cases.

But be careful: the taste remains unchanged, but not the consistency, which will change with the freezing process. But it is possible, in any case, to freeze both roasted and raw peppers, for a period ranging from 8 to 10 months of life.

The essential advice is to cut the peppers into cubes or strips: in this way it will be possible to initially freeze them on a baking sheet, keeping the pieces apart. Doing so will then make it easier to put the peppers in plastic bags, create the vacuum seal, and put them back in the freezer for good. Otherwise, as can be seen, freezing peppers does not require any demanding process.

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