Great Some Ideas For Your Baby’s First Birthday Cake

Some Ideas For Your Baby's First Birthday Cake

The baby’s first birthday is undoubtedly one of the most special for the family. It is a moment worth celebrating because we celebrated the first twelve months with our baby and we have seen him grow and develop over the course of a year.So That’s why baby’s first birthday Cake will be Special.

Something you cannot miss to celebrate the first birthday of your baby is the birthday cake, so we share some ideas.

Your baby’s first birthday cake

In many cases, the baby’s first birthday cake is also the first cake our baby tastes, which is why many parents choose to make it at home and make sure they know well what ingredients they have or prepare them according to their baby’s food needs. The family.Great Some Ideas For Your Baby's First Birthday Cake

In addition, preparing it at home makes it even more special, because we can involve our baby in the whole process of preparation, sitting him in his highchair so that he accompanies us and is part of this moment. Do not worry if you are not a great baker (I am not either), there are many easy cake recipes that you can make at home and that your baby will undoubtedly love.

Whether you decide to share the cake with your family or let your baby enjoy it alone in a session of “smash cake”, our partners at Directo al Paladar have a wide range of recipes for cakes and homemade cakes so you can easily make and celebrate your baby’s birthday We share some.

Piglet cake in the quagmireGreat Some Ideas For Your Baby's First Birthday Cake

An option that will delight children and adults is this tender piglet cake in the quagmire, which will undoubtedly give it a fun and unique touch. This cake takes a little time and is a bit harder than a simple one, but the result is definitely worth it.

Victoria Sponge Cake with strawberriesSome Ideas For Your Baby's First Birthday Cake

This spongy cake was created in honor of Queen Victoria; hence it has its own name “Victoria Sponge Cake “. It is an easy option to make and delicious to savor.

Buttercream cake, raspberries, and mascarponeSome Ideas For Your Baby's First Birthday Cake

How about a cake filled with fruit? This recipe for a cake made with delicious raspberries is another delicious option that we can also decorate very beautiful and the color we want.

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Angel’s Food CakeSome Ideas For Your Baby's First Birthday Cake

If you are looking for something soft and fluffy, there is nothing better than Angel’s Food Cake. This angelical cake is the lightest thing there is and when you try it you’ll think you’re eating a bit of cloud.

Vegan chocolate cake without egg or dairySome Ideas For Your Baby's First Birthday Cake

If your baby has a food allergy, you can also prepare a delicious cake to celebrate your first birthday. This one offered by our companions of Directo al Paladar is a vegan cake without eggs or dairy that you can prepare in 45 minutes.

Gluten-free almond, mandarin, and lemon sponge cakeSome Ideas For Your Baby's First Birthday Cake

In case your baby or someone in the family is allergic to gluten, this almond, tangerine and lemon sponge cake can be a good option for everyone to enjoy their first birthday cake.

Chocolate, hazelnut and almond cake gluten freeBaby's First Birthday Cake

This juicy cake of chocolate, hazelnut, and almond without flour is perfect if we want a small cake. In this recipe instead of flour, ground hazelnut and almonds are used, perfect if there is a celiac in the family.

Add a tender decoration for the occasion

If you liked some of these recipes, but also want to give a more special touch, I share some ideas to decorate of your baby’s first birthday cake.

  • Add the number ‘1’ made of rubber or cardboard and sticking it on a wooden stick that you can easily place in the center of the cake.
  • Another easy and simple option is to place the typical number candle and decorate the cake with natural or artificial flowers.
  • For a fun touch, you can add sprinkles of colors, so the cake will look festive but without being too exaggerated.
  • Something that is becoming fashionable lately is the names or ages cut, especially in wood. You can use this option or put the word ‘one’ made with rubber or colored cardboard.

Finally, how about this garland of flags with the age of your baby? It is very easy to do and will give a funny presentation to the cake.

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