Is This The Definitive Aspect Of The New Audi A4 ? A Very Realistic Approach

Is This The Definitive Aspect Of The New Audi A4 ? A Very Realistic Approach

The Audi A4 is getting closer and proof of it was the last spy images we offered. Today we bring you another succulent novelty: several render created by the illustrator of cars Julien Jodry based on the above images. We do not know if its definitive aspect will be based on what we see in these photographs but, with total certainty, they are close enough. As you know, the fifth generation of this model is already 20 years old and was confirmed last November by Audi. Although we were expecting to see him in Geneva, we will finally have to wait until the Frankfurt Motor Show.

If you have taken a look at the photographs, you will quickly realize that the main changes have taken place in the front, where the new design language of the four-ring mark becomes more pronounced. The A4 will keep its conservative design so characteristic, but in turn will introduce many of the aesthetic novelties that we have already seen in the Audi TT or the Audi Q7. So far, both models have presented us with a new generation of vehicles whose protagonist is the front, chaired by angled lines, a large calendar and headlights equipped with LED technology.

 Is This The Definitive Aspect Of The New Audi A4 ? A Very Realistic Approach

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Audi A4 renders

But the Audi A4 does not come as one, but aims to  improve the economy of the brand , bidding farewell to the traditional MLB platform of the VAG group to make way for another more innovative that  improves in multiple aspects . Thus, the new improved MLB platform  , allows to  reduce the  total weight in about 100 kg thanks to the use of aluminum, steel and light materials in its manufacture; Improve the habitability  and  increase the rigidity , obtaining with it a saloon that will be around  1,400 kg , will offer a greater space to the occupants  without needing to increase its external dimensions  and will have a  more dynamic touch  on the road.

 Is This The Definitive Aspect Of The New Audi A4 ? A Very Realistic ApproachOn board the Audi A4, it is not difficult to imagine that it will incorporate the latest technologies that we have seen in the other models of the VAG group. On the dashboard, one would expect a much cleaner design of buttons than the current generation, with an instrument panel fully configurable and digital as we have seen in the latest generation Audi TT or the recent Volkswagen Passat.  Regarding interior space, this should increase thanks to the use of the new platform, especially in the rear seats, but we will have to wait to know the official data to confirm it. The trunk, however, is not expected to increase,

 Is This The Definitive Aspect Of The New Audi A4 ? A Very Realistic ApproachAudi A4 render

And it will be under the hood where we will find the most interesting news. After all, what would a good car be without a good engine?  On the one hand, we will continue to see the traditional TFSI 1.4, 1.8 and 2.0 liter mechanics with cylinder disconnection , along with  1.6 and 2.0 liter diesel versions . Although many would like to see in Spain the powerful versions TFSI and TDI with engines of 3.0 liters, these will be reserved, in principle, for the United States. Our joy in a well. On the contrary, we will have the pleasure of enjoying a hybrid plug-in version that will use the same petrol-electric engine as the Audi A3 e-tron . And I do not say it will be a pleasure to say something, but because of all the hybrid engines I have been able to test, Audi has been one of the few that have really convinced me. Although still under development, neither the arrival of a version combining a diesel engine and an electric one to meet the growing demand for hybrids in Europe is not ruled out either.

 Is This The Definitive Aspect Of The New Audi A4 ? A Very Realistic ApproachAll the engines can be associated with a 6-speed manual gearbox or a new 9-speed  automatic gearbox that replaces the current CVT. As standard, the Audi A4 2015 will be offered with front- wheel drive, Start / Stop system and energy recovery technology in braking. Optionally, it will be possible to opt for the total traction associated to certain motorizations, as already happens with some models of the competition.

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As we have already advanced, the debut of the saloon is scheduled for September 2015 and everything points to be followed by versions Avant -familiar- and  Allroad  – crossover . In any case, the new Audi A4 will come to rival mainly the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class, newly updated by their respective brands. At almost the same time the familiar version, the Audi A4 Avant should land, offering an extra space to its future owners; And later, an Allroad version to satisfy the requirements of those who want a vehicle with certain skills. One year later, in 2016, a new generation of the ‘coupé’ version, the Audi A5, will also suffer a profound facelift for its Coupé, Cabrio and  Sportback versions . Until we have all the official data in our possession, we will follow the track closely.

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