Make up with white eyeliner

white eyeliner

Do you think white lights up your face? If you particularly love this color… Here are some tips for you on how to use it for your makeup.

When you hear about make-up with white eyeliner, skepticism is rampant. Using this type of color for women’s makeup is often considered excessive.

The real problem, on the other hand, concerns the use of white. In fact, it is often underestimated how white is often able to make the various make-up very elegant. Here are five tips for you on how to use this color eyeliner.

Makeup with white eyeliner here are some examples

If you have a very fair complexion with blonde hair and don’t like to overdo your makeup, white eyeliner could become your best friend.

The first step will be to prepare the makeup base on your face. First of all, you can protect your face with a moisturizer, which among other things will help you to apply the foundation more simply. Then use a little red for the cheeks and with the white eyeliner draw a white line on the eyelids. To finish the make-up, red lipstick will be enough, if you want to be eccentric, or glossy caramel color.

Makeup with black and white eyeliner

White eyeliner can also be used in conjunction with black eyeshadow. After laying the base as we have indicated above, you can concentrate on the eyes. In this case, take the black eyeshadow and spread it on the eyelid, preferably blending it with a pearly one. Then you can use white eyeliner for the eye contour. In this case, however, to close the make-up we advise you to use a transparent lip gloss, so as not to exceed.

Another variant in the case of the make-up of this type is with black eyeliner. Basically, you have to draw a black line that widens on the corner of the eye and then immediately draw a white one. a small optical effect that will make your eyes appear bigger. Or, more simply, you can draw the line with black eyeliner on the upper part of the eye and close it with the white one in the lower part of the eye … Instead of the kajal pencil.

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