On vacation choose how to hit the restaurant without take unwanted surprises?


On vacation we like to go out to lunch or dinner and relax without having to lift a finger. If besides seeking that “no work” we want to enjoy a good dining experience, choosing the right restaurant is fundamental. Mistakes may bring some surprises in the form of disappointing food, poor service and other unnecessary trouble from which we can happily do without.

Sure you know what we talk about it? It is quite possible that you have passed on occasion. It’s easy for this to happen, especially in destinations known or visited for the first time. The risk exists, but you can minimize surprises and enjoy the gastronomic opportunities of our vacation spot if we consider a number of factors and we documented a tad on the area and its possibilities before move.

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What to keep in mind to ensure the proper choice of restaurant?

  1. The location of the local defines the average ticket

The price of a place is defined not just there, but especially for its location. A restaurant on the waterfront, the marina or the main square of the chosen destination for the summer probably have a higher price than others in surrounding streets. The local rental price is higher and it shows in the final ticket.

Being in a good location is paid, which may be worth if the food and service are good. However we start from the basis that we do not know the place, so you better ask the locals and check reviews from other customers (eye if done online, which can have trap and be remote – controlled) before entering and take a seat. Observe if you are sued and always full can also be a factor to consider.

  1. Food enters through the eyes, but the image is not everything

Restaurants in holiday destinations and tourist sites know that the image is fundamental in winning customers and work with care. Not lead to surprises with the food at the moment of truth, almost better that we move on before the restaurant and ensure the reality while we supported a beer at the bar or lounging on the terrace. View from a distance the dishes served to the guests, and even their reactions, can help avoid occasional disappointment.

  1. Opting for specialized kitchen is usually a wise move

Tourists, especially if they are in a group, flock, commands or family, they are likely to seek establishments that meet the tastes of all and serve a little of everything. This, far from being an advantage, usually a mistake because this type of cuisine hardly maintains the quality in the entire letter. As the saying goes, who much does not catch anything, so better to escape the endless letters and bet on specialization.

  1. Consider that the local cuisine is a holiday experience

The holidays are a golden opportunity to venture a little contact with the local food culture and food routine leave the rest of the year. The local cuisine is the strength of most establishments in tourist areas, at this time of year tend to hire local support staff. The development of traditional dishes is reinforced by proximity fresh product, something to consider.

  1. The best view does not guarantee the best food

We spent the summer on the coast and we want to dismiss it with a paella in the fashionable beach bar on the beach. We traveled to the mountain and we cannot stand up to the idyllic cottage is in the top of the mountain to celebrate the holiday weekend with a dinner with spectacular views of the valley. Nothing wrong with this, we have done it before and I’ll do, but it is important to adjust expectations to reality.

At this time of year, this type of strip establishment of temporary and eventually to cover the workload of staff with facing, so there will be a reflection on the service. So we are not too demanding, let us take the holiday spirit and relaxations. Because, after all, the holidays are to enjoy and we do not want to dismiss them with bad taste.

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