Pleated skirt? Yes, but super cool

Pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is a symbol of style and elegance, but this garment is not just a simple trend

In fact, the invention of pleating has left a profound mark, influencing numerous generations of women for over a century.

The first appearance of pleated processing dates back to the early 1900s on Delphos tunics, which immediately became an integral part of the history of haute couture.

The small, soft, and delicate folds are inspired by the ancient Egyptians and the statues of Magna Graecia. The intent was to restore to the woman an elegance that belongs to her by right. Considering how much pleating was a must later, the goal was largely achieved.

From the 1950s to today, the pleated skirt is always current. The maximum expression of the pleated skirt certainly dates back to the decade between the 1950s and 1960s. To crown the pleated skirt as a symbol of style and femininity there is certainly Marilyn Monroe, in the famous scene of the film “When the wife is on vacation”.

The dress worn by the actress has become iconic and probably wouldn’t have been the same without its pleats!

Super cool pleated skirt for today’s women

The retro charm of the folds continues to please women today, so much so that the pleated skirt continues to forcefully enter the women’s wardrobe. Obviously, the style has been updated to the modern, smart woman, divided between family and work.

So here the lengths become mini and midi and there is room for imaginative combinations, with soft blouses for a romantic look, or with sneakers and sweatshirts for the younger ones. Worn with sheer or thick stockings, these skirts are able to liven up winter outfits, often characterized by dull colors.

In the summer the pleated skirt does not go on vacation. It gets longer, sometimes it covers the feet. The pleating slims the figure and gives that perfect lively effect perfectly in line with the summer. Also in this case it is possible to combine the pleated skirt with a simple tank top with jewel sandal for every day or make it elegant with a silk top and a heel.

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The secrets of the success of this evergreen garment

Versatility is certainly among the main reasons for the timeless success of the pleated skirt. Depending on the different combinations, in fact, this garment can become elegant or casual. In addition, by varying the length, the pleated skirt suits women of all ages.

The secret of pleats is to embellish every type of look with the right discretion, thus becoming a perfect ally in every woman’s wardrobe.

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