Sexual Compatibility Of Men And Women

Sexual Compatibility Of Men And Women

What is the secret of a long, happy, harmonious relationship? “Of course, love!” – many will say. And they are right. But love alone for a long marriage is not enough, the sexual compatibility of a man and a woman is also important, as well as psychological. What is the sexual compatibility of men and women?

Sexual compatibility includes several aspects:

  • temperature,
  • sexual triggers (pathogens),
  • anatomical and physiological features.

Sexual Compatibility Of Men And Women

Sexual Compatibility Of Men And Women


It is the difference in temperaments that causes the greatest number of problems associated with sex. Let’s say his desire to wake up only once a week, and she would like sex every day. If partners fail to bring their libido to a “common denominator”, then first both of them need to check the level of hormones. Perhaps one of the partners has some hormonal disruptions. For example, a weak sexual desire in a man can be caused by a low level of testosterone, and vice versa, an overabundance of male sex hormones in a woman can be the cause of her irrepressible sexual aggression.

But if we are not talking about hormonal problems, but about an innate difference in temperament, then a less passionate partner should keep her libido in good shape (sexual fantasies, erotic films, and books) and encourage her passionate tiger (or tiger) to masturbate more often.

You can say: “I am too tired today, but you know, I would not mind watching the one-man show.”

It is possible that the view of how a man is pleasing himself will excite you so much that you forget about fatigue.

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Sexual Compatibility Of Men And Women


Also, the sexual compatibility of men and women includes sexual triggers. This is what causes you sexual arousal and desire. And if sexual habits. and fantasies are not the same, the couple will not be easy. Suppose she needs a half-hour prelude in order to get excited, and a man in half an hour has time not only to warm up but also to cool down. Or, for example, a man likes sex in a “doggie-style” pose, and his partner thinks this position is too animal and humiliating.

To cope with the problem, you need to be as frank and open with each other. Discuss your addictions and dislikes in sex. Try not only to talk about your sexual taboos but also to explain the reason (I hurt, uncomfortable, in this position I get tired quickly, I feel ugly, etc.). In the process, you will learn about each other a lot of new things and be sure to find poses, caresses, and situations that excite both of you.


In fact, cases, where partners cannot enjoy sex with each other due to anatomical or physiological features, are extremely rare, if not unique. For example, if a partner has a member that is noticeably less than the norm. However, this does not mean that he cannot please his woman.

Often the stronger sex complains that after giving birth, sex with his wife is not the same. In fact, two months of training according to the system of Dr. Kegel (sequential compression-relaxation of the intimate muscles) will be enough for a woman to be able to tone herself.

Another physiological feature that can interfere with high-grade sex is an insufficient amount of natural lubrication in a woman. This problem is solved relatively easily: if the hormonal background is all right (do not be surprised, in sex a lot depends on the level of hormones), then vaginal dryness is explained by individual features, and you just need to use a special lubricant (lubricant) that you can buy any pharmacy.

Today you learned about the sexual compatibility of men and women a little more. But still, do not forget about love. After all, if two people love each other, then it does not matter how many times sex will be in a week. The main thing for a lover (lover), that his partner (partner) was good.

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