Why Do Sweating Hands?

Why Do Sweating Hands?

A person lives in society, so sometimes he has to interact with him: to talk, kiss on the cheeks, shake hands or hug. There are people who have sweated hands. So much so that if you put your palm on a napkin, then there will be a wet imprint. The problem of sweating hands makes many feel embarrassed, feel uncomfortable, refuse to communicate with people because you feel unpleasant when you shake someone’s, wet palm.

Why Do Sweating Hands?

Hyperhidrosis of the palms – an unpleasant, but quite common. And it brings discomfort not only to the owner but also to those around him. After all, to greet a person whose hands are sweating is not very pleasant. And when the owner notices this hostility, he becomes nervous and sweating increases. Why do your hands sweat a lot?

Causes of sweating hands

Hands become wet for various reasons. This is often associated with disorders and diseases in humans. In adults, palms may become wet for such reasons:

  • Nervous tension and stresses causing disturbances in heat transfer processes. In this case, the palms may sweat, even if the temperature in the room is low. This phenomenon is normal if after removing the source of irritation, the sweating of the palms passes. Long-term effects of stress can cause serious illness;
  • Diseases of the endocrine nature can also be the reason for sweating hands. This is due to the fact that the thyroid gland is involved in the process of thermoregulation. In this case, the treatment of hyperhidrosis should take place under the strict supervision of specialists;
  • Hormonal disruptions often cause a condition when the palms of women sweat. Usually, the reason for this is the lack or excess of hormones in the body. In any case, this can be sorted out only after a thorough examination in a medical institution. After that, the doctor will prescribe drugs for treatment;
  • Sometimes, excessive sweating hands are due to side effects of drugs or unbalanced nutrition.

Why Do Sweating Hands?

A child’s hands may sweat for other reasons.

  1. Disorders of the endocrine system most often cause palmer hyperhidrosis. In this case, an urgent need to consult a doctor for advice, so that the child does not have to suffer from diabetes;
  2. Diseases of a neurological nature, when the child begins to sweat as a result of intense excitement or fright;
  3. Rickets can cause sweating hands. Often this particular disease becomes the first sign of the disease.
  4. The exact cause of excessive sweating of the arms and legs can be determined by the doctor. Therefore, when such a problem arises, you should consult a specialist. Based on the results of the examination, a treatment course will be prescribed.

Why Do Sweating Hands?

During puberty, a teenager may be disturbed by excessive sweating of the palms, moreover, constantly. Naturally, the production of sweat will increase if the young man is exposed to physical exertion, consumes hot food, teeming with spices and pepper, just worries or is ill with some kind of infectious disease, accompanied by increased body temperature. Here it is appropriate to talk about primary hyperhidrosis, which can remain for a lifetime or disappear without a trace. But secondary hyperhidrosis is more insidious and dangerous since it is a syndrome accompanying a whole list of diseases:

  • Vegetative dystonia.
  • Obesity;
  • Infectious diseases (HIV, acute respiratory infections, influenza, tuberculosis).
  • Violation of thermoregulation.
  • The presence of malignant and benign neoplasms.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system, pancreas, and thyroid, pituitary.

Why Do Sweating Hands?

In addition, the cause of increased sweating may be long-term use of antibiotics and other drugs, as well as genetic predisposition. The true cause of this disease can be identified only by a doctor who necessarily sends such patients to take tests.

Hands sweat very much: what to do?

Recently, when sweating palms used quite actively Botox. Local injections are performed under the skin. Thanks to the drug are blocking the production of the hormone, because of which sweat is actively released, not only on the palms but also in other places. Botox injections allow you to forget about the problem for several months. Also, tips with the use of solutions — aluminum, tannin, chloride, formalin, glutaraldehyde, etc. — are quite common. According to advisers, such tools help if you use them systematically. But it is important here not to be mistaken with the dosage, all and always individually. So, if a doctor prescribed you such a home procedure, this is one thing. But in no case should you independently “write out” such a “recipe” for yourself, even if your friend helped, for example. Otherwise, there may be not entirely desirable reactions on the skin. Doctors may prescribe (again, according to test results) tablets, ointments, creams. If hands sweat a lot, what to do is unknown, and then you can try folk remedies.

Why Do Sweating Hands?

Homemade cream

In equal proportions mix the dried herbs of dandelion, nettle, plantain, calendula. A large spoonful of this mixture pour boiling water, leave to infuse for forty minutes. Then mix two spoons of broth with chicken interior or pork fat, add to this container another large spoon of honey, two dessert spoons of castor.

Do your hands and feet sweat? Will help a weak solution of ammonia! So, at least, it is said in one of the women’s councils. In this case, surfaces with signs of sweating should be wiped with a weak solution of ammonia. On a liter of water, add a large spoonful of alcohol. By the way, if you do not want to use liquid ammonia or suddenly it is not at home, go in another way. Instead, try a concentrated infusion of green tea or black, lemon juice, sage – in the leaves. The main task that the listed funds are actively coping with is the narrowing of pores.

Why Do Sweating Hands?

Treatment for sweating hands

Hand bath – pleasant and healthy

Self-treatment at home is not always effective and can lead to additional skin problems, or aggravate the existing ones. Therefore, it is not recommended to perform the following procedures without a doctor’s prescription:

  • Baths using sea salt, lemon juice (as an alternative, a decoction of oak bark). You can make a hand rubbing the tincture of hard brewed black tea (one teaspoon is enough for 1 liter of water) and much more. Baths can be contrasted: the palms are lowered alternately in cold and hot water. For best effect, repeat a couple of times.
  • Using a homemade cream that you can make yourself can also help get rid of excess perspiration in the area of the hands? If you get the essential oil of cypress and use a couple of drops in your day cream – you get an excellent tool to combat the disease.

Why Do Sweating Hands?

The above procedures should be carried out not from time to time, and not less than 20 days.

Preventive measures

Hygiene is a major factor in the prevention and treatment of sweating. To keep your palms from sweating further, follow a few simple rules that will help prevent the onset of the disease in the future:

  • Limit alcohol intake. It stimulates blood flow and may cause excessive sweating.
  • Watch your emotional state – try to eliminate experiences.
  • Fight with overweight. In obese people, such a part of the body, like hands, sweats often enough.
  • Body hygiene is an important point that must be given due attention. Practice rubbing, take a shower every day – strengthen the nervous system.
  • Try to keep your clothes as natural as possible.

Why Do Sweating Hands?

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