I see them everywhere, something that seems unheard of for two reasons: the first is that with the previous comments and you will have noticed that I am not enthusiastic (in fact I think I put them in a post “horrible”) and the second Is that with the cold it does and they are put as if we were in summer. (Tendency that on the other hand, I have criticized it before and I still do not understand why it is so cool)

We offer them from the big firms like Givenchy, Céline, Stella Mccartney and Chloé to the low-cost firms like Zara and Mango.THE BIRKENSTOCK

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30 + 10 Tip: But if you have decided that you like them and that you want to buy them, put them in socks, what else!

These Chloe, are a little cuter, but in any case, I do not think that you see me with them.THE BIRKENSTOCK

And these are the celebrities of Céline, without comments!

You will have seen that I have put a lot of photos so that you confirm that it is a total tendency and that it has not taken it an isolated blogger. It started in spring 2017 but now they are a real furor.THE BIRKENSTOCK

Mango proposes a model with a flat sole; this is called curling the curl!THE BIRKENSTOCK

And Zara in the spring/summer catalog offers them with more strips, but always imitating the famous Birkenstock.THE BIRKENSTOCK

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I leave you a link of the blog Trend on “ugly shoes” that you may be interested.THE BIRKENSTOCK


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